Some common troubleshooting solutions for printers in 2021

The printer is indispensable office equipment in our office, and its existence greatly improves the efficiency and quality of our office. The editor has compiled some tips on using the printer, and now I will share it with everyone, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

We often use printers in our daily office work, but sometimes the printer will malfunction. If you ask someone to repair, it will not only cost you money but may also delay your work. Some common faults of the printer can be solved by us. Here are some common fault solutions for the printer, I hope to help everyone!

Nothing happens after the printer is turned on

The printer has an overcurrent protection device when the current is too large, it will play the role of current protection. In this case, the printer fuse may be burnt out. Open the case, find the fuse in the internal power part of the printer (the internal power part can be found near the external power supply of the printer), see if it is black, or use a millimeter to measure whether it is burnt out, if it is burnt out, replace it with basically consistent insurance Only the tube is required (the rated current is marked on the fuse).

The printer indicator does not light after power on

There are many reasons why the indicator does not light after the printer is powered on. First, check whether the AC voltage input is normal. You can find it by checking the 220 V power signal line. Then check whether the fuse of the printer power board is blown, if it is blown, replace the fuse. If the new fuse is blown again, disconnect the device related to the 35 V voltages and check the plug-in for problems. Check whether the output voltage of the power board is normal if not, repair the circuit board.

The red light is on but not printing

In this case, the printing paper may not enter, or the IC has burned out. At this time, you can manually feed paper to the printer to see if it can print. If not, the printer IC may be burned out. It is best to ask a professional printer maintenance staff to repair it.

The printing effect is different from the preview

Generally, this happens under a text editor. Common ones, such as Word or WPS2000, are clearly in a neat format during preview, but some fonts are overlapped when printed out. This situation is generally due to improper settings during editing. The solution is to change the paper size, paper type, and the number of words per line in the “Page Properties” of the file, which can generally be solved.

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Unable to print large files

This situation occurs more often in laser printers, and it may still be normal when printing small files, but it will crash when printing large files. This problem is mainly a software failure. You can check the remaining space on the hard disk and delete some Useless files, or check the amount of printer memory, whether it can be expanded.

Online printing is abnormal

First look at whether the “online” light is on or off. If not, press the “online” button. Check again if the printer is connected to the computer. Check both ends of the cable connecting the printer to the computer. Check whether the parallel port LPT setting is correct; check whether the newly installed software and print driver settings are correct.

Lost content during continuous printing

This situation is because the amount of page description information in the file is relatively complicated, which causes a shortage of printer memory. You can try to reduce the resolution of the printer to a grade to implement printing, of course, the best solution is to increase the printer’s memory.

Handwriting is clear on one side and unclear on the other

This phenomenon generally occurs in needle printers, and inkjet printers may also appear, but the probability is small. In this case, the main reason is that the print head rail and the print roller are not parallel, which results in the distance between the two. The user can adjust the distance between the print head rail and the print roller to make it parallel. Loosen the adjustment pieces on both sides of the print head rail separately, turn the adjustment pieces counterclockwise to reduce the gap, and clockwise to increase the gap, and finally adjust the print head guide and the printing roller parallel to solve the

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