STEINBRÜCKE Knives: All You Need To Know Is Here!

STEINBRÜCKE Brand Introduction 

The STEINBRÜCKE brand officially settled in 1981 in Munich, Germany. The brand offers numerous knives regarding cutlery basics, including paring knives, professional chef knives, boning knives, and carving knives. What’s more, the folding knives variety is one of the company’s strengths with its remarkable quality for tactical and EDC applications. 

Some Highly Recommended STEINBRÜCKE Products  

1.STEINBRÜCKE kitchen knife is tailor-made for professional chefs and cooking amateurs. Its versatility serves all your kitchen needs. When you own a STEINBRÜCKE kitchen knife the burden of cooking becomes a joyful pleasure!

As one of the symbols of a good knife, its well-built with full tang, rivets securing the blade and handle. A full tang distributes weight more evenly along the knife which provides great balance and leverage capabilities.

The most important characteristic is that the blade is fully forged from premium German stainless steel 5Cr15Mov. HIGH CARBON STEEL is rust resistant, a hardness that can be sharpened to a razor sharp edge. It’s extremely sharp right out of the package and is able to chop, slice, dice with efficiency, and with ease.

If you like a shorter blade, then this 6″ kitchen knife is the kind of knife you’ve been looking for in that size. This knife strikes to right balance for not being too light like cheap knives nor too heavy/bulky. Felt good in your hand. Talk about cutting through a tomato without it squirting everywhere.

Recommend four types of kitchen knife:

2. If you are an on-the-move person or hunter, it is better to carry a folding knife for defending or convenience. This is completely legal according to pocket knife rules and laws. Folding pocket knife sort is most favored among its knife varieties due to its exceptional good quality and flexible application. 

This is the most basic folding knife that all should have for defending themselves. It owns fundamental features of a STEINBRÜCKE pocket knife, such as the compact and lightweight design with the dimension of 5 x 1.8 x 0.9 inches and stainless steel blade.

For instance, its blade is coated with titanium, which enables it to improve anti-corrosion properties. Also, STEINBRÜCKE manufactures the edge with three times slower and twofold honing process compared to standard blades to make it sharper.

The most important characteristic is you can operate this folding knife only with one hand. That’s because it possesses a thumb slot for you to open it smoothly and promptly.

Thanks to the liner lock, this knife aids in preventing sudden opening and closing, which is extremely safe to use. This feature is not always available in many other folding knives. The handle is better than other varieties due to the G10 embedded aluminum for better durability and a high frictional grip.

Recommend four types of Pocket Folding Knife:

3. In A Nutshell STEINBRUCKE knives are committed to deliver German top quality knives to world wide. With the enthusiasm to provide customers around the world the highest quality knives at an affordable price, and always built the knives with highest performance material and unique quality control process.

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