Steps to be a professional gamer in 2021

During the sluggish world of sports because of the epidemic of the corona virus There is yet another sport that can stand up to this crisis. And more than that, those world-class competitions. Many have turned to rely on this sport to help maintain their audience base. That is e-sports. Nowadays, e-sports has gained widespread popularity. In big tournaments there are millions of followers. both visiting the competition venue or watch via streaming Professional players scout around the world for trophies.

The popularity of this sport is so high that there are some universities. Offer scholarships at all. And some places have courses to teach in this subject as well. Most people love to play games. Because it is both something that helps to relax. and entertain It also meets the needs of people who like challenges. But if you want to move from gaming as a hobby to becoming a professional, what should you do? There are 10 conditions that must be cleared in order to succeed.

Find motivation

To be an esports athlete, it is important to have the right motivation. Whether it’s the love of competition, the satisfaction of developing yourself as a player. as well as a sense of participation in the team or the gamer community. They are all reasonable reasons.

in the long term Being positively motivated is what attracts players. But for those who focus on income, reputation and want to succeed quickly. They tend to run out of power before they become pros. The love of the game is what keeps you from getting bored in your daily training sessions, which will give you the skills to become a professional in the future.

Find a game that suits you.

To be a god in another sports world It takes a long time to practice So you have to choose one game that you are the best at and enjoy the most. Another important aspect is the platform. If you are a PC cable The choice will be wide open. There are many games to choose from. And there are many competitions to support But if you feel comfortable with the console or smartphone There will be fewer options.

Games like PG, CS:GO, LOL(League of Legends), DOTA 2, Call of Duty, PUBG and Fortnite all have support leagues. Including a lot of prize money and because you only need to find one game to master. Motivation is very important. So if you are the fast-paced type Instant game changer Being a professional gamer is probably not the right genre for you.

Join the gamer community

Being a game pro is mostly a matter of personal skill. But it has to do with the environment as well. before spending time learning every detail of the selected game. Take the time to immerse yourself in the place where the players gather. both in the online world and in the real world Because experience will be a better indicator of the path ahead. And you can also decide how well being a professional gamer fits your personal goals and motivations.

In addition, we will also get various playing techniques, game strategies from these communities as well. Players must interact with each other in order to update the direction of play that continues to evolve. At the same time, these communities provide incentives for us to stay with the game over the long term.

Invest in equipment

Investing in good equipment would be important Maybe starting with a good set of gaming mice and keyboards? Sure, there are tons of options. But it’s best to choose a piece that suits you. Whichever one you choose, the same thing should be used for both training and competition. Because it’s easier to get familiar with your own gear than to switch to the race manager’s gear. Because it will increase the pressure in another way. You can buy the game from websites (non agent slot website)

As for the hardware Performance and stability are key. Professional tournament organizers are meticulous in choosing the best. In order not to interrupt the playback from stuttering or freezing, etc., therefore, your computer, whether it is a laptop or a PC, should use the same approach.

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