Studying architecture can lead you to exciting career prospects

“Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings and other physical structures”. It is about building and improving places and creating a better environment for people. Architects are not just concerned with the mathematics of the building but the environment as a whole.

Why consider studying architecture

If you are looking for a career that allows designing new things and showcasing your creativity, a colleges for b arch in mumbai is just right for you. An architect is an inventor, innovator, and a trendsetter who goes around enjoying the joy of creation. This subject combines practical skills with academic study, which will push your right side of the brain to build creative and fresh ideas. It’s a challenging degree that prepares a student for a lucrative profession that is interesting and globally in demand. 

Subjects of study

There are many aspects of architecture, after designing, students will also learn about subjects like structural engineering, construction, sustainable development, and so on.

The most important aspect of the degree is the development of practical design skills which will enhance the drawing and craftsmanship that helps in architectural modeling and digital illustration. Though the focus is more on practical skills but will also involve abstract thinking. The course curriculum is a mixture of subjects from humanities like the study on the history of architecture to science and mathematics. 

Students will have a lot of options for subject selection. As the degree is a vast and varied field, it allows studying the subject according to the interest and caliber of the student. For example, those who are more inclined towards technical subjects can immerse themselves in studying structural engineering rather than learning about the history of architecture. The main career the degree prepares for is of course being an architect. This profession never grows old. The demand for architects rises with the age. 

Career scope in India

India is in a phase of change. The government is working on developing the infrastructure of the country. There is a deficiency of professionals in the field of building and construction and need skilled manpower to lead the aim of success. 

Eligibility and Schools

A student should have math in 10+2 with a score of 50%. Even if you want to pursue colleges for b arch in mumbai or any other state the eligibility moreover remains the same. For some colleges, candidates might have to go through the entrance tests like NATA and JEE. Institutes in big cities like colleges for b arch in mumbai and Delhi offer a growing environment and provide lots of opportunities to grow as a professional in this field.

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