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You’ve probably been getting alerts for weeks on your computer desktop and in the Microsoft Security Accessories dialog, and you’ve been looking at the headlines for longer. If you have Facebook friends in the IT industry, there is no doubt that they have been sharing articles for the last six to twelve months.

Now that you understand that your Baixar Windows XP computer explodes or doesn’t shut down after the support period is over, what will be the effect of continuing to use an uncooperative operating system? For example, if you need to contact Microsoft for any issues from this day, it will not help you. If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t contacted Microsoft in the last 10 years, so don’t miss out on the fact that you won’t be there in the future. Assure that as long as you want to use XP, there will be consulting companies like Maverick Solutions so you don’t have to worry.

However, there will be no security patches, feature updates, bug fixes or driver updates other than Microsoft support. Perhaps, 12 years later, Microsoft has probably found and fixed most of the bugs. For all existing hardware, drivers have already posted if they wish. Windows won’t have any new features, so today’s Windows XP is the best.

What about security? Hackers have been using this technology for as long as people have been using it, and it won’t change anything. In the past, when Microsoft pointed out a weakness in Windows XP, it released a patch to fix it. However, the detection of vulnerabilities is usually the result of an exploitative analysis of this threat after the truth. Just as drugs do not make vaccines before they catch the disease, so security experts do not pursue vulnerabilities until someone discovers them and forces them to use them. However, it takes time to develop solutions, and it also takes time to distribute them to Windows users. If your computer is configured to automatically download and install Windows updates, it may take a week or more for your computer to receive and install security patches. If your computer is configured in a different way, you will probably never find such patches.

In fact, millions of bad guys are attacking technology, and less security experts are protecting us, so good guys put some kind of triad when deciding on any weaknesses first. Those most likely to cause major damage are resolved first and left in the most obscure or less harmful rear burner. Third-party anti-malware software has the same flaws, so relying on operating system patches and anti-malware software is not the best way to protect your system.

Microsoft dropped support for XP and moved security experts to the new operating system, which is a good sign for Windows XP users. Just as security experts try to use their time to deal with the most common and harmful malware, so hackers save time by attacking the most popular programs. If less than 1% of computers still use Microsoft DOS in the 0%, there is no way to find the vulnerabilities. There will be some scary places to take advantage of these threats and it will take time to find these systems. Microsoft’s move to reduce security experts on new operating systems from Windows XP indicates an increase in the market share of these operating systems, which will attract more hackers than Windows XP.

However, as a strategy, the best concept of anti-malware remains effective, and it is still free: do not use an administrator account as a daily user account. The second best strategy will be free and useful in the long run: Install and update Microsoft security tools. Microsoft has announced that it will offer it to Windows XP users by July. If you need help using any of these strategies, find a local consulting firm like ours and set it up for you.

So, if everything is working, why would anyone want to upgrade to a new operating system? Most technology consultants talked about security concerns as a reason to upgrade, but at Maverick Solutions we understand that functionality and features are more likely to guide you.

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