Surefire Ways to Improve Your Mobile Payment Process

In today’s world where nearly everyone uses a smartphone, most e-commerce companies have begun to exploit the benefits of mobile app development. Gone are the days when customers had to visit local stores before they could buy an item. With the help of these companies’ mobile apps, customers can now make purchases with the push of a button.

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As customers gravitate towards cashless payment systems, the methods of mobile payment need to become more secure, much faster, and less complicated. If you run an e-commerce company in Louisville, here are some ways to improve your mobile payment process.

  1. Provide several payment options

Everybody has a preferred payment platform they use, but when your business fails to support this platform, it can cost you every potential customer who uses it. A good mobile payment method will run across several platforms and offer customers a variety of payment options. Only then will the business fully maximize its sales.

This is not to suggest, however, that you must integrate every payment platform available to make sales. Making your payment method compatible with popular platforms—like PayPal, Stripe, and Apple Pay—will still make a huge difference in your conversion strategy.

  1. Don’t force customers to create an account

Customers tend to create an account with an e-commerce site after exploring the site and its payment processes. Which is why forcing first-time visitors to create an account on your site before they can make payments is a bad marketing strategy. Rather than promote sales, this will only push potential customers away.

On the other hand, offering customers a guest checkout option and encouraging them to create an account with your site AFTER making their payments is a more practical strategy. If it works, not only will it boost your sales, but it will also build your credibility in the long run.

  1. Use a simple design

As most software companies in Louisville will tell you, the simpler your checkout page’s design, the higher your chances of converting customers to sales. People tend to have a short attention span; so, having too many fields on your checkout page can often distract and overwhelm them. 

When possible, always keep the checkout steps and fields to the bare essentials, eliminating distracting elements, such as adverts and flashy colors.

  1. Use clear call to actions (CTA’s)

In addition to building a simple design, using clear CTA’s to guide customers through the checkout process will improve your overall mobile payment process. 

To create call-to-actions that convert, keep the following tips in mind:

  • CTA buttons should be large enough that they stand out from other design elements on the checkout page. However, they should not be too large that they become distracting.
  • They should also have colors that are bold yet not flashy, like red, orange, green, or yellow.
  • They should contain action words, such as ‘Buy,’ ‘Checkout,’ ‘Order.’ However, they should contain words to make them more specific, e.g. ‘Add to Cart,’ ‘Buy Now,’ and ‘Place Your Order.’

In Conclusion

Like every other aspect of your mobile strategy, your mobile payment process will greatly define your customer’s experience. This is why out of all the Louisville software companies, you should hire one, which is equipped with the experience and expertise needed to take your business’s conversion rates to the next level.

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