Takeaway Boxes used by Hawkers in Singapore

In Asia, there is a concept of street vendors who wander here and there and sell the items that can be transported quite easily from one place to the other. The most common thing that a hawker sells is food items. Outside Asia, you may have not seen the same thing because they’re either too afraid of pollution caused by vendors or they want people to stay disciplined and visit grocery stores to get what they need.

This Hawker Culture has utmost importance in all the Asian countries, particularly in Singapore where people from so many different cultures and races gather at hawker centers in order to eat the food items made by hawkers. Vendors provide the people with a number of delicacies and the combination of Singaporean society with food has its own charm.

In Singapore, hawker centres aren’t limited to a few vendors only, you’ll see hundreds of vendors in those food courts selling different items from an entire meal to drinks or snacks only. If you’re not a big fan of local dishes, you can eat international dishes such as Chinese, Western, Indian and so many others also there. It is recommended for all the visitors to not miss a chance to eat at a Singaporean hawker centre during your visit to Singapore in order to enjoy cheap food and observe so many different cultures at a single place. However, if you don’t like to eat while sitting there, you can ask for a takeaway.

In Singapore, it is often recommended to use environment friendly food packaging materials. For that reason, it is suggested by the government to use paper rather than plastic in order to avoid pollution. The use of recyclable material is also common since it is disposed of and can be recycled quite easily, cardboard is at the top of this list. Make sure that you ask a trustworthy food packaging supplier to provide you with the best quality takeaway boxes.

So, let’s take a look at a few takeaway boxes commonly used by vendors in Singapore and see where you can find food packaging suppliers.

  • Pizza Boxes

Pizza is one of the most liked fast food throughout the world these days and that’s why vendors are selling it in Singapore’s hawker centres. The takeaway box used to carry pizza is made of cardboard in most cases because it is eco-friendly and it is capable of holding heat for longer periods of time.

The use of pizza boxes also makes it easy to advertise the brand and to carry it. Also, the takeaway boxes used to deliver pizza are highly insulated and resistant, cheap, stackable and sustainable.

  • Platter Boxes

The windowed transparent design of this takeaway box makes the contents present in it visible and also keeps them fresh. Such food packaging is mostly used for different kinds of salads, pastries, and sandwiches. This disposal food packaging is environment friendly because it is made up of PLA film and recyclable board.

 Moreover, the natural appearance of these takeaway food containers makes them even more dashing. All in all, these takeaway containers in Singapore are used a lot by vendors in hawker centers.

  • Cake Boxes

A cake is one of the most liked bakery item all around the world, same is the case with hawker centers in Singapore. Cakes are served in plates for those who like to eat it while sitting there. However, for those who want a takeaway, vendors have food packaging boxes which are eco-friendly and made up of recyclable material. Apart from that, the takeaway containers used by the vendors keep the cake protected and fresh.

You won’t even see a fly roaming around the cake you bought since it can’t even smell it, that’s the impact of disposal food packaging. For the same reason, people from in and out of Singapore like to buy cakes from hawkers.

  • Salad Boxes

If you want a takeaway for the salad you bought, there is a possibility that plastic food packaging will be used by the vendor because of its air-resistant nature. Paper is another suitable material for disposal food packaging of salads in Singapore. If paper is of the highest quality, it can easily replace plastic which is a great option in terms of being pollution-free packaging.

Various kinds of takeaway containers are used by hawkers in Singapore which range from small boxes containing side salads to bigger containers containing different kinds of salads which is a kind of deal. So, before buying salad, take a look at the food packaging first and get to know about food packaging supplier also in order to have your mental satisfaction. You also have the option of choosing round, square or wavy food container in Singapore’s Hawker centers.

  • Kraft Paper Boxes

Kraft Paper Boxes are the best in terms of weight and to secure your goods. These takeaway boxes provide safety, durability and also provide good exhibition which is why these preferred the most. These takeaway boxes are mainly used for transporting goods. In order to make the packaging even more easier, paper sleeve, separator and plastic is used. Paper material is used in these boxes to  withstand goods that are a bit heavier. All in all, these boxes are quite different from food packaging boxes and a separate supplier will be able to supply these boxes.

  • Boat Trays

The boat trays are used by hawkers for packaging fries, hot dogs, hamburgers and other such stuff. These takeaway containers Singapore are mostly famous because they can be disposed of quite easily. Hawkers use different patterns of these trays depending on their preference, it is particularly based on the kind of food. These takeaway food packaging boxes are mainly used for the customers who like to roam around while eating.

  • Oil Paper

Oil paper is mainly used for the packaging of rice. All you need to do is to guide rice onto the spoon and eat and this is the way locals use to eat rice in this food packaging material. Same food packaging suppliers also offer paper bags which are oil-resistant and eco-friendly. So, if someone asks you to choose between plastic and paper, you must choose paper for so many obvious reasons.

  • Opeh and Banana Leaf

When opeh leaf comes into contact with hot food, it infuses a fragrance into the dish and enhances the flavors also. For the same reason, a lot of people used this opeh leaf in the past to serve specific things to eat such as chwee kueh, char kway teow (a noodle type dish).

As far as banana leaf is concerned, when hot food is put onto it, it tends to release antioxidants. The banana leaf is waterproof and allows your food to be cooked without burning.

Some vendors in Singapore’s Hawker centers are still using these same old fashioned things to serve food and people from different cultures still like it.

Where to Find Food Packaging Suppliers?

The easiest way to get to know about food packaging suppliers is to contact the vendors in hawker centers and ask them  where to buy the best food packaging containers or takeaway boxes. The reason is that they are aware of all such companies and suppliers. However, if you still want to find the best food packaging suppliers by yourself, just google the companies that are good at it and providing the people with inexpensive boxes.

Some such companies in Singapore include Pack and Send, Sin Tat Polyethylene, BioPak, Pacific Packaging, Pack Everything, Dillic Packaging, Cheng Moh Huat, QQ Studio, Supply Smiths, and BTH. The best of them all as suggested by the customers is Dillic Packaging because it provides the best food packaging boxes to the vendors in entire Singapore.

If you’re a vendor and want to have good takeaway boxes to serve the food, just visit their website www.dillicpackaging.com or visit the company by yourself.


Singapore’s Hawker centers are most famous for providing people with good quality food and the vendors there use best food packaging materials in order to provide their customers with all the protocols they deserve. Not only local but all kinds of dishes are available there and all you need to do is to go and grab your favorite food. The best thing about these centers is that they not only offer you good food but you also get to see a combination of various cultures there not from Singapore only but from all over the world.

 If you want to roam around while eating food or you’re planning to eat food after you are done with shopping, just request the vendor for a takeaway and he/she will pack it for you in a good quality food-packaging container which is moisture and air-resistant and will keep your food warm and fresh, no matter whether it is rice, burger, barbecue, fries, cake or anything like that. All in all, you don’t need to be worried about your food, it’ll stay as you want it to More

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