Teaching Your Children to Write Letters – A Key to Raising Happy Children

Most often, all that parents look out for when raising their children is to keep them happy and see them lead a joyful and complete life. Bringing up children is one of the most important responsibilities on the part of parents. It is not possible for parents to determine exactly what kind of people their children would grow up to be in the future. A child’s brain is always picking up cues from everything around them and is wired entirely to the ways of the world they are in. It is the closest family and friends who play the most crucial role in creating a physical and social world for them to live in and cherish forever. 

Helping children with creating a happy, memorable and successful life does require a lot of thought and effort. One of the ways to raise happy kids is by teaching them how to communicate their thoughts, feelings and emotions however and whenever they feel them. Children should be able to feel good about themselves. Make sure you let your children know that you are there for them no matter what and that you have always got their backs. Give them the assurance that they could let you know about everything that happens with them and that they never need to feel scared to talk to you about anything. Sometimes, it so happens that children end up being hesitant to come to you with something that bothers them, no matter how much you make your children feel that they could. Letter writing comes in handy on such occasions. Many individuals, both children and adults, might find it difficult to voice out their fears and apprehensions, but the same people might be okay to express all of it in writing. 

Set Up a Customised and Personal Mailbox at Home

In this age where Whatsapp messages, emails, snaps, Instagram stories, and statuses are used to show how someone is feeling rather than expressing it to the person you actually want to, teach your children to write letters to you. Let them learn the informal letter format and write their hearts out to you. That way, no matter how far they are from you, they will always remember that you are just a letter away. 

One way to start this habit of writing letters is by setting up a very fancy and customized mailbox at home. Try to identify what would impress your children the most and use that as the theme for your mailbox. When you teach them to write letters, make sure you do your homework too. Children are inquisitive, and they will have a million doubts. Never ever forget to respond to your children’s letters. Help them experience the joy of writing and receiving letters. You can also encourage them to write letters to their cousins and friends as well. You would never know how much of an influence the practice of letter writing would have on your children. And, one thing is for sure, these letters would end up being the most precious and priceless memories that you and your children could ever possess of your time as a wonderful parent and their time as your sweet little children. 

So, what is holding you back now? Try it out. Let us all join hands to raise happy children who would make this world a happier place to live in.

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