The best and worst paid jobs in Canada

The reason for the decline in job seekers is that job seekers are discouraged, especially older people who rarely get new jobs. However, as an incentive to increase the productivity of employees, it is very important to know how much money is paid or how much is paid for one’s work. Below we look at some of the best and worst jobs in Canada, based on how much they pay.

The best jobs

As the world’s eleventh largest economy, Canada is a service industry economy with the timber and oil industries as the most important sectors of the country. Many of Canada’s best-paid nts result are in the most important sectors of the country. They range from engineering jobs to teaching jobs such as school administrators. Below are some of the best jobs in Canada based on what they pay for the job.

Senior government managers; Working in any government is a bonus, it usually smells like more money, better bonuses and so on, it doesn’t change. With a salary of over $ 95,000, senior government managers must have a university degree. If someone is bilingual then this is a bonus. These usually include directors, deputy ministers and managers.

$ 92,000 Petroleum Engineer is one of the highest-paid Latest NTS Jobs in Canada. Petroleum engineers specialize in drilling, manufacturing, and reservoir engineering, and require an understanding of chemical systems, geological layout, and computer modeling. To qualify, one must have an engineering degree and include a variety of skills, including technical and soft skills training.

At just over 89,000, the school principal and administrator is one of Canada’s best-paid jobs, a career that is often missed. This category includes school principals, vice-principals, deans and senior university administrators. To qualify for this job, one must have a master’s degree in education or an additional specialist, in addition to having previously held an administrative position, but a few must be mentioned.

With a salary of $ 79,800, real estate and financial managers have the power to compete. These include real estate agents, insurers and bond dealers. With the rise of the housing and commodity sectors, there is a huge demand for real estate and financial managers. To qualify, one must have a degree in finance, a business degree and an understanding of an MBA to help one advance one’s career opportunities.

Lawyers are being sensitized in every country. With an average salary of over $ 79,000, lawyers are among the highest paid jobs in Canada. Lawyers with various characteristics like crime, corporate, tax, pension and property law are becoming the highest paid corporate figures in the country and in the world. Today, many law students or graduates add features to their law degree that make them more prominent.

To become a chemical engineer, one must have a Bachelor of Science in Applied Science or a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with four years of engineering experience. With a salary of 000 78,000, this job is attractive in every way.

With $ 75,000, aerospace engineers are one of the highest paid jobs in Canada. To qualify, you need an engineering degree, nothing less. To make your CV more attractive, get an aerospace specialist degree.

With a salary of over $ 73,000, Oil & Gas Drill Supervisor is one of the highest paid jobs in Canada. The country’s oil and gas industry is in constant demand for oil and gas drilling supervisors, who operate between four and six drilling rigs. To be eligible for the job, you must have a high level of work experience.

Head nurses and healthcare managers also earn more than $ 73,000. To qualify for this job, one must have four years of nursing degree, clinical and management training experience, which will put one in a better position. This job is becoming a hot topic in Canada as the number of elderly people in the country continues to grow.

At the bottom of the list, earning $ 72,000, the electricity and telecommunications contractor is the fourth highest paid job in Canada. To qualify for this position, you must have a certified electrician with strong math skills, among others.

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