The Best VPN Services (2021)

You could think ofaVPN (Virtual Private Network) asa service that is primarily requiredinternationally, to get aroundinternational censorship , or perhapsan instrument used by hackerstoavoid being caught.

But, there are plenty ofadvantages to investing inan effective best free vpn provider evenoutside ofNorth America, and evenin cases where you’re clean aswhistlewith your online activities.The review below,we’re going toexplainwhataVPNis, how todetermine if it’s safeand legal,as well asthose ofmost reliableVPNfirmsrankhighest in certain categories.

10 Best VPNs by Category

The Top 5:

  1. Top VPN for Netflixstreaming (fastest)-NordVPN
  2. Best VPN for torrenting(nolog VPN withP2P support)The best vpn for torrenting isCyberGhost
  3. The best option for streaming Netflix inChina(see below).ExpressVPN
  4. Cheapestvpn that unblocks netflixand SurfShark.SurfShark
  5. The best user interface andquickand responsive.TunnelBear

Runner ups:

  1. The best 100% free VPNwithout ads -HotSpotShield
  2. The best browser that isbuilt infreeVPN–Opera
  3. The most reliable Android VPNZenmate
  4. Best Linux VPN Private Internet AccessAccess to the Internet in a PrivateInternet Access
  5. High-speed swiss VPN – Proton VPN

1. NordVPN – Best VPN for Streaming

NordVPN isone ofthe most popularVPNproviderswith over 5,000 serversand fast speeds in manycountries. Based in Panama the company providespolicy that is friendly to expats, such as noretention of data policies likeinthe U.S.

The company alsoprovidesthreefeatures that are high-tech such asDouble VPN which allows users tojump across multiple servers foradded security, aswellas VPNCloaking technology;Kill Switch, which protects your privacyin the event that theVPN serverfails,stopping all internet communications;and DNSleak blockage too that prevents monitoringby yourbest vpnISP.

Thecompany’s friendly policies andsolid, andstable performance makeit our top pick forthe VP-security.


  • Double VPN technology
  • Skill Switch Feature
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • More than 5000 servers acrosstheworld
  • Reliable speeds
  • Accepted Cryptocurrency
  • Based in Panama


  • Pricey compared to the competition
  • Problems with torrenting

2. CyberGhost – Best VPN Provider by Total Servers

CyberGhost isone ofthe mosttalked about companies onthe VPN market,particularly sinceit’s highly recommended to get aroundrestrictions and unlocking applications likeNetflix, Disney+,and more. Withover7700services, CyberGhost is a strongcompetitor, and many people considerits interfaceamongone of the easiest to use.

CyberGhost’saffiliation with theparentcompanyKapetroubles some users however the problemisthat the companydoes logcertain information.

Yet, with an enormousnumber of servers and goodspeed reported, it’sclose second.


  • User friendly
  • The Split Tunnelling and the Double VPN
  • 7 licenses are available.
  • Over7,000 servers


  • Monthly plan that is slightly expensive
  • Access to the bestservers
  • Kape is the owner ofKape the company isn’tthe mostbelovedcompany
  • The companystill logsdevices

3. ExpressVPN – Most Diverse Geography of all VPN Services

ExpressVPN hasreceived a lotofattention from users due toits privacy policies.It is based inthe British Virgin Islands, thecompany is able to exercise some discretion inkeeping track of data and isnot storing any user data.

Itdoesn’t recordIP addresses, orevenaVPN IP address, northelengthof the session, or even atimestamp.The information it savesare only traceabletoa group ofusers who are located in a specificlocation.

The company alsoprovides speedyspeeds,making it amongthe fastest in the worldon many of itsservers. The VPNis also available to over90 countries, surpassing evenourtop pick. Nord VPN.

Express is alsobest vpn provider 2022an extremely well-connectedapplication that hasapps for all majoroperating systems, as well asbrowser plug-insto allthetopbrowsers.The plug-ins function as proxy sites that allow you to changethe location ofyourbrowser.In all, VPN Express lives upto its name of fast secure, user-friendly, and private.


  • Greatprivacy policies
  • Speedyspeeds
  • Apps that are user-friendly for alldevices as well as browserconnections
  • Withover90 countries,more reachthanthe rest of the competitors.


  • More expensive than the average
  • Alimitednumber of simultaneous connections

4. SurfShark – Cheapest VPN for Streaming

Surfshark isamongthetop choices for speedystreaming, P2P, as well asunblocking all themost popular streaming services intheglobe.It offersDNSleak-proofing(whichoccurs due torouting requeststhroughanISP instead ofaVPN)andIPv6leak security.

With a subscription,you’ll get the most advanced multihop as well assplit-tunneling features, meaningthe ability to join one service, andexit from the last one.You can choose multiple routes, sothat nobody cantrack downyour IP address, even whileentering or exiting.

The company, basedonthe British Virgin Islands, offerseven more privacy guaranteesover companies locatedor located inNorth America or even most of Europe.

Some users reported troublewith the kill switch not workingand not everyone agreed onthequality of the speed.However, it is a worthy contender.


  • This allows unblocking of streamingservices
  • Manages torrents efficiently
  • There is no set number ofsimultaneous connections
  • Advancedmultihop and split-tunneling devices
  • It is situated intheBritish Virgin Islands, whichis a place that offers superiorprivacy
  • Lower prices than many


  • Kill Switchissues
  • This isn’t the fastestVPN

5. TunnelBear – Best Free VPN Service

TunnelBearhas a wonderfulgag: the faces ofanimated cartoon bears that roar, readytosafeguard your privacy online.However, don’t be put offby thecutesytrick. Ano-costVPN, not to mentionan inexpensiveand unlimitedVPN plan,is hardtoresist.

TunnelBearis also a greatoffer on security features with advanced features includingKillSwitch, and evenan annual auditingprocess conducted byindependentcompanies, provingits transparency in dealingwithcustomers.

One concerning factor thoughis that the businessisbasedin Canada, and whileit says that it does not recordanyinformation, it’showever subjectedto Canadianlaw and maybe required to share informationwithpolice. This isa disadvantage when comparedwith a business based in the United States.

The McAfee-owned businesshas a great reputationin the field.


  • One of theeasiest interfacestomaster and to use
  • Kill Switchprepared, which means protectionevenin the event of losing yourVPN network
  • No data logging policy
  • Annual auditing by independent parties
  • Free forup to 500MB ofdata


  • Not many variedlocations around the globe
  • HeadquartersinCanada The headquarters in Canada is about
  • Doesn’t it unblock certain streaming services?

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