The best ways to cover glass doors

There are many ways that can help you not only cover glass doors in the home, but also give such a home decors. Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to the purpose of various glass door covers and then you can choose the best type of covering for your doors.

By doing this, your home will look more spacious, suitable and stylish, therefore in this article we will describe how to cover sliding glass doors correctly.

The main things

First of all, you should pay attention on your budget. Budget is one of the considerations, without hesitation we would offer to have a look to day night blinds if the budget is low. Secondly, it is important to pay attention on exposure to sunlight.

While it is indeed pleasant to allow natural light in, bare in mind that sliding glass doors provide unnecessary and excessive exposure to harsh lights. During late evenings the sunlight can be really disturbing.


It may happen that you would like to receive both, natural sunlight and privacy at the same time but in some circumstances it could be difficult.

It really depends on the angle of the window, other buildings etc. All of us love that soft glowing ambience in the evening but it may cause unnecessary privacy problems.

Outdoor environment at night

It could be also a major problem if you do not have proper curtains installed. If you live in an urban place it could happen that certain lighting can annoy you during night time and also keep in mind that curtains act as a noise isolation tool.

All the above problems can be easily resolved with installing covers to your sliding glass doors. Most of the curtains, shutters or day night blinds have easy-to-use mechanisms and you can even install most of them by yourself.

Pretty much any option you choose will provide privacy, protection from UV, lighting accessibility and compatibility just on or another will provide certain advantages better.

The best options for glass doors covering

Roman shades

Aesthetics and insolation is certainly provided in roman shades. If you are looking for a diverse window covering which has both it is a way to go. Because they are made of strong and broad material and its edges make warm air stay.

Some of them even have shades with a thermal backing which creates a cozy and soft feel with the desired temperature level.

Day-night blinds

To make your glass door more appealing – day night blinds is a way to go. It is not only appealing but also it will help keep your house light proof during the day and private during the night.

Also, due to the fact that day night blinds have two layers, it is an ideal way of insulating the home. The ability to trap and retain warm air between day and night layers makes it effective and in that way, it reduces your energy bills because these types of curtains retain the heat during winter.

Rolled blinds

They are considerably diverse when taking into account the possibilities. This type of curtains certainly has an option to be insolation but it also provides an option to get rid of them for some time.

By rolling it up you may have an option to open a window properly or during summertime have some fresh air in but despite that they are also capable of isolating cold air coming in when rolling the blinds down. In most cases people purchase these curtains as night blinds but it doesn’t mean they are not isolating.

Cellular Shades

These types of blinds are one of the most energy-efficient window curtains. It not only holds the heat during winter but also during summer season. You can call it honeycomb shades, the honeycomb style type of design called that because it creates an air pocket between the window glass and inside of the house. It prevents heat from escaping.

These curtains not only create insolation but also make your house much cozier. The variety is not that board but you may pick between single and double cell variants. We do advise you to go with the second option to keep your house a bit more cost-efficient.

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are pretty similar to solar blinds. But it adds up with the option of absorbing sunlight and converting it to heat but these shutters in most cases are thicker and when the temperature drops it may becomes way more practical.

However, they do have far fewer gaps because they are installed much closer to the window frame. In most cases there are two types of plantation shutters. Vinyl and wooden shutters.

Both of them are equally energy efficient but wooden ones would be more natural than vinyl but of course it depends on the interior as well.

All in all

To avoid unnecessary attention, UV rays and costlier bills we highly recommend choosing between curtain options above. All of the options above will serve great and will make your life easier.

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