The Importance of Good Website Design

For obvious reasons, the discipline of website design is a recent one. And what makes for a good website is something that is changing all the time as the capabilities of the technology advances and fashion dictates what type of websites are most attractive to internet browsers. Peak Design, a Sacramento website design company, say that effective online marketing is one thing, but a poor website design has the potential to render all that useless simply because success online is a matter of not only attracting potential customers to your ecommerce site, but keeping them there too. 

You can think about it this way: in the pre-internet days, an attractive storefront and effective advertising campaign would make a business visible beyond its front door. Moreover, should customers be enticed through that front door, they are suddenly in a physical location devoted to making a sale. They could physically browse everything on offer and there was the potential for staff to encourage customers to hang around or peruse products they might not even have come into the store to buy. 

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The online equivalent of this is much more difficult. When you draw traffic to your site, they are always only one click away from exiting it entirely. And if they are put off right away by a poor website design (either an ugly or an impractical one), then they can be off in an instant. 

Good website design, therefore, is vital. 

An Ever-changing Discipline 

There is a fundamental of online marketing that has made ecommerce both easier and more difficult than traditional commerce. On the one hand, the internet has made it cheap and easy to sell things (a virtual store costs a lot less than a physical one). On the other hand, this same phenomenon has made it quite tricky stand out amid this abundance of websites. 

It should be clear then that proper website design is essential. This conclusion is so generally accepted in fact that there are many different online services out there devoted to providing website design consultations, or actually designing websites for ecommerce ventures. If you are in the process of setting up a website and don’t know where to begin, then the best advice is to explore such services, but also to find ones that won’t just provide you with standard template style website, but one that stands out. 

Principles of Good Website Design 

Seeking expert advice is a great place to start, but there is no substitute from acquiring some marketing expertise yourself. Part of that expertise is certainly creating a good website. Here are some principles to keep in mind: 

Website Purpose

This means ensuring your website meets the needs of the user. What are those needs? That depends very much on what your website is offering but exactly the right information needs to always be available and easily found. The links should navigate the user well and there should be plenty of clear visual information. 


This is an aesthetic rather than functional principle, but an ugly website can hinder your business. Generally, simplicity is key, which here means only a few colors, clear typeface, and images tastefully presented. 

Visual Hierarchy 

A structural consideration, visual hierarchy refers to the arrangement of website elements in terms of importance. This means that the most important categories appear large and on the homepage itself. Thereafter, elements of declining importance are reached. 

These are not so much practical tips as essential principles of good website design. That means you should be up on them before you even begin. Everything should fall into place afterwards.

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