The Kenworth’s Big Contribution to the Trucking Industry

What American company is the world’s leading manufacturer of the best trucks? Yes, you bet – it’s Kenworth Truck Company. When you require Class 8 (heavy-duty) or Class 5-7 (medium-duty) commercial trucks for your business, make it a Kenworth.

Among the oldest truck manufacturers in America, the Kenworth company has been known to have contributed greatly to the trucking industry by marking very important ‘firsts’ in the field of truck manufacturing:

  • Production of the first truck with a standard diesel-fuel engine
  • In 1933, the first to install diesel engines in their vehicles
  • First to manufacture a raised-roof sleeper cab
  • First to make heavy-duty trucks having an aerodynamically optimized body design
  • In 1936, launching of the first sleeper cabs
  • In 1976, the incorporation of a raised roof aerodyne sleeper – a first in the industry, setting the newest standard for driver comfort at that time
  • In 1985, the launching of the first aerodynamically enhanced semi-truck – the T600, which ran at 10 miles per gallon – from there, the T660 was consequently launched.
  • In 2012, the introduction of the T680, the truck with an unbelievable smooth drive, advanced aerodynamics, and better fuel efficiency
  • In 2018, launching of the W990, the vocational truck – used in hauling materials or equipment the likes of garbage trucks, dump trucks, mixers, and more

Most noteworthy, Kenworth has been continuously producing vehicles since 1961, seen as the longest production runs of any truck in the history of truck building.

The Most Popular Kenworth Truck

Over the years, the most preferred choice of owner-operators out of all the models is the Kenworth W900! Stunning design. Clean lines indicating classic big rig design. Long-nosed conventional. Superior paint finish done by hand. Dual chrome stacks – these are just a few of the many factors that enabled the Kenworth W900 to make it to the top as a favorite of many truck drivers and owners alike.

These things are what make this particular vehicle stand out from the competition. You should see the interior features to realize what sets this truck apart from all others. Further, there are two gorgeous builds to choose from – Splendor or Diamond.

Why Choose a Kenworth?

You won’t regret buying a Kenworth since this is the vehicle you can rely on for the long haul – Class 8 conventional cab truck designed foremost for highway use. Incidentally, the W900 is the Kenworth flagship conventional, popular amongst truck owners and operators. Although the company launched the 900-series conventional-cab truck in 1956, it was only 62 years later that the W900 conventional was introduced as a complement to the W900 line.

The same as its forerunner (which was the 500-series), the 900-series bears the Kenworth cabover chassis, with the Kenworth K100 replacing the ‘Bullnose’ Kenworth COE. There is still the standard side-opening ‘butterfly’ hood but for the first time, there is now an option for a forward tilting fiberglass hood.

The nice thing about the W900 conventional replacing the 900-series is that the height of the cab roof and windows have been raised, giving more room for the engine to cool. Not only that, the radiator was cautiously widened, the tilting hood had become the standard, but headlights remained mounted to the fender.

Why choose another when a Kenworth truck can offer all the qualities you need for a comfortable, convenient, and safe ride? When looking for a Kenworth W900 for sale, click on this link and make the search for the best deals easy!

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