The Significance of Spying Your Child Activities

In this modern era, parenting has become more complicated. The young generation is not interested in following the traditional practices and beliefs. Most of the children these days own a separate cell phone because their parents want to give them freedom. You should keep this most important thing in your mind that kids who are not being followed by their parents are often committed in misconduct such as sexting, drug abuse, or watching adult content.

If you do decide to monitor their devices, make sure to talk to them beforehand. Give them a valid reason why you will be tracking their phones regularly. When you will openly tell them that you are concerned about their digital safety, it is definite that they will understand you. However, if you will not inform them, there are higher chances that you will lose their trust and respect.

It is crucial to recognize the difference between keeping a check on your teen’s development and monitoring their digital acts secretly. The need to know about what they are up to is a necessity that cannot be overlooked by a caring parent.

As you can’t be with your children all the time, you should use the Live Surround listening spy app because it allows you to record and listen to all the nearby voices, conversations, and noises to know what they are talking about and with whom.

Why You Should Spy Your Children’s Activities?


If your child uses the internet, then he may encounter cyberbullies. Nowadays, kids are not only mistreated, and body shamed in the park or school, but on social media as well. The nasty people approach them through text messages, instant messaging applications, and gaming platforms. Therefore, you should be aware of your child’s mobile phone activities.

If you install OgyMogy Live Surround listening app to spy on his phone, you will be able to record and hear all the surrounding conversations. The software enables you to control the Mic of the targeted phone remotely and secretly. The recorded voices will be sent to you on the online control panel.

Social Media

Do you know that 96% of 13 years old kids have accounts on all the leading social media platforms? They share their private photos and videos that can be misused. If you suspect that your kid is worried and hiding something from you, you must install the spy tool on his device. If a predator is blackmailing him, by listening to his conversations with him remotely, you will be able to interfere and protect your child before something bad happens.

Unhealthy Activities

If you are doubtful that your teen is engaged in illegal activities such as gambling, drug abuse, or teasing someone, you can grab information about it. The spy app empowers you to know about his at school and after school behavior. You can get to know about the secret whereabouts by listening to their conversations on an android phone. By just listening to the surrounding voices and chats, you can judge the sorts of activities your children are performing.

Important Features of a Live Surround Listening Monitoring Software

  • The tool permits you to listen to live conversations on the targeted person’s android smartphone.
  • You can effortlessly link the targeted phone’s MIC with the monitoring software web control panel.
  • You can hear all the nearby noises and voices to get information about the whereabouts of the kids.
  • Listen to what teens are talking about and with whom.

Benefits of Spying Your Child’s Activities

In the adolescent stage, they want to explore all the unknown things and do not want to seek permission from their parents. Therefore, they can follow the wrong path. You should keep an eye on your teen’s social behavior to make sure that he is not silently suffering from an escapable situation.

Kids who are tormented in school hardly notify their parents or teachers about the difficulties they are experiencing. But, when you will use the live surround spy software, it will allow you to record and listen to all the surrounding conversations.


As a responsible parent, you should be aware of what is happening in your child’s life. For this purpose, you can rely on the cell phone spy app.

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