The top child tracking app for busy parents

You love your kids and love to see growing them in a positive environment and make friends only with good mentality people. It is only possible when you know who friends of your kid are and what they are doing their mentality social chats and much more. The question is raised how you can do that?

It is only possible with the help of a cell phone location and track the cell phone  of your kids using app like the FamiSafe parental control app.

Using a parental control app is that the best thanks to secure your children. Which only possible with the installation of the FamiSafe parental control app after you will get the desired results?

What is FamiSafe?

FamiSafe is a parental control app. it’s extremely secure, comes from one greatest and leading technological civilizations globally, and it’s already designed a reputation for itself. It’s meant to assist folks to keep track of their children and their 24/7 behaviors.

The FamiSafe parental control app work for the parents. It permits you access to options like GPS tracking, app management.

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Features of FamiSafe 

Location tracking

You can check the location of your kids where they are and what they are at this time means what is the reallocation of your kids.


This role helps you found out a geographic radius starting from one hundred m to one thousand m for your child’s phone.

If your child walks out of the radius, you will be able to get a warning now. If you’d prefer to confirm your child isn’t going far away from home, it’s an associate economical feature.

Detecting Social Media Texts and porn pictures

With such a large amount of free creation sites rising daily, folks should take further precautions and see thereto that youngsters don’t get influenced by them. With such apps, it’s attainable to sight the text of social media and perceive if the youngsters square measure mistreatment the sites well at an equivalent time see if they need been misusing the creation pictures that they erroneously should have come upon.

Safe Search

This is another impeccable feature that you simply will think about. The Filter express search will be seen on the thought of the browser. It conjointly permits and blocks sure words to go looking on the engine like Google and Bing.

Filter Websites

As it is common with alternative parental control app, you will use FamiSafe to filter websites betting on classes. Chrome and hunting expedition are the supported browsers a number of the classes listed embody violence and adult content.

App Blocker

Aside from interference-specific website you will conjointly block specific apps that are unsafe otherwise you believe can create your youngsters unproductively. Other than this, you’ll conjointly see an entire log of all the apps that they use.

Activity Record

FamiSafe records a number of the foremost vital activities your youngsters have interaction that you simply have to be compelled to bear in mind. This can provide you with a clearer understanding of however your kids pay their days.

Daily Phone Activities

You don’t need to check your kid’s phone daily. Even while not physical access to the phone, victimization the app put in on your device, you’ll read a timeline of your child’s activities, together with videos watched or games content.

Uninstalled Apps checking 

It is straightforward for teenagers to put in apps and uninstall them so you won’t understand that they’re victimizing it. You may understand any app that has been uninstalled. Within the same approach, you’ll conjointly see the most recent apps that they need put in. after you have this data, it will be easier to warn your kid concerning the way to use sure apps responsibly.

Pricing plans 

FamiSafe is delineating as having subscriptions that work reasonable desires. Monthly, quarterly and annual schedules square measure on the market to pick out. The monthly package prices $9.99 a month, $6.66 a month for the quarterly set up, and $4.99 a month for the annual set up. Looking at the subscription you selected, you’ll be able to track up to thirty cameras. You will be able to select per your selection and choices on the market to you.

Here are the links available to download this app 

Apple store

Google play



With the simple website, there square measure some applications to dam the content. You will be able to even filtrate such content mistreatment this software package. This app will even catch; this implies once putting in it you ought not to worry concerning your child’s whereabouts, particularly once mistreatment their smartphones. You will air prime mistreatment the FamiSafe parental management app. although it’s not the simplest to assist folk’s track what’s happening with their children’s social networks, it conjointly permits you to line warnings for offensive phrases. FamiSafe is a cheap app that aims to stay your kid secure, from website police work and app use to location pursuit.

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