The Ultimate Guide to Promote Your App: Make Your App a Great Success

There are nearly 3 million apps in the app store. So whether your app business is a success will come down to whether you can stand out and get noticed in this crowded but impressive market. 

To help you do that, we’ve assembled a complete guide on how to promote your app in 2023. We’ll pull back the curtain to reveal the tricks and tactics currently working well for app businesses like yours. 

Advertise on Social Media 

Social media platforms have fantastic PPC advertising models. So if you intend to promote your app in 2023, it’s worth giving this strategy a go. 

The best way to approach social media ads is to pick the platform that best aligns with your demographic.

If you target Generation Z, that’s probably TikTok. If it’s B2B, you might want to try LinkedIn. If you aren’t sure what social media platform your customer favours, now is the time to research. 

PPC advertising gives you plenty of targeting options, and with advances in AI technology, the platform will work to improve your targeting and help you reach the perfect audience. 

Hire an Influencer 

If you’ve tried advertising before and want to experiment with a newer, more futuristic approach, here’s something to try. 

Influencers are the most significant phenomenon in social media. Now, you don’t need to be a movie star to talk to an audience of millions. 

Ordinary people have built massive social media followings, and you can partner with these influencers to promote your app. This approach is called influencer sponsorship, and there are two ways to do this.

You can approach an influencer in your niche directly and pay for sponsorship. Or you can use a third-party influencer platform to find suitable influencers in your niche. 

Try Email

Email is still a highly effective digital marketing strategy for connecting with your audience. The best way to do this is to create a landing page with a special offer in exchange for an email address.

You could offer a freebie like an ebook or a discount code. Once you have that email address, you can promote your app to that audience and use email to build a strong relationship with your customer. 

Use PR

Do you have an unusual app development or grand ambitions to build one of the best apps in 2023? If yes, you could try promoting your app via PR. 

That involves writing a press release sharing exciting news or research about your app or business and using a distribution network to share that press release with significant news networks. 

Getting a story published on a well-known news network could bring hundreds of new downloads for your app on the App Store. 

How to Promote Your App in 2023

Don’t leave it to chance when planning how to promote your app in the coming year. There is lots of competition, and you’ll need to be proactive and aggressive with your marketing strategies.


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