Things to do in Tauranga – An Overview

The Bay of Plenty offers some of New Zealand’s moststunningsun, sea,andbeaches.Taurangaliesalong the sought-after coastline.There you candiscoverthe Mauao volcano, aswell as the stunningMount Maunganui beach.This seaside gem,affectionately called”the Mount” by localsoffers watersportsfor those who dare,eventsfor those whoare free-spiritedand delicious foodforall foodies.

These are thebestthings you can dowhile inTauranga. Things to do in Tauranga  areas.

Climb Mount Maunganui (Mauao) At Sunrise

Mount Maunganui sits across Tauranga Harbour from Tauranga and is an extinct volcano.Mauao is the Maori nameforMount Maunganui. Itcan be accessedat dawn to getall that it offers.There area variety oftrailsthat can be takenthrough the forest of pohutukawa. Itusually takes aroundan hour.It’sa steep climb,but once youreachthe top,you’llbegreeted by 360-degree viewsof Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty coastline.Mount Maunganui Beach (New Zealand’s mostwell-knownbeach) and Pilot Bay (New Zealand’s best-known beach)flank the mountain, providingbreathtakingpanoramic views from all angles.Enjoy a relaxing sunrise withan amazingbreakfastbuffet(coffeeis required).

Be Splashed atAn Adventure Water Park

{}McLaren FallsTauranga’sWaimarino Safari Parkis the idealadventure park forthose whoyou’re looking for adrenaline.It’sjust a 10 minute drivefrom the citycentretofind many activities scatteredthroughoutthe Wairoa.There’s somethingto suitevery taste, includingrock climbing wallsand a slip’n’slide.The Tarzan swing andthe watertrampoline areexcellentalternatives for those who aremore adventurous.Waimarino offersthe evening glowworm-worm kayak tourinLake McLaren to those looking for atranquilexperience.

Go Chasing Waterfalls

Every Kiwi summershouldinclude atrektoawaterfall.The first step is to visitMcLaren Falls Park for ashort 20-minute walk will haveyouwindingthroughglow worm cavesas well as native forests.You will also find severaltrails that runthrough the reserveof190 hectares.Getoutthereandspend some time exploring.Next stop is theKaiate Falls. They areapproximately 30 minutes awayfrom Tauranga.Take the forest trailuntilthetop of Kaiate Fallsandfollow the cascadesdownuntil youreachthis swimming hole.Take a refreshing dipin thisbeautifullake.

Sail A Catamaranto this uninhibited island

Whakatanecan be reached byjust ashort drive alongthecoastline. From there,you willembark on an epicdayonthecatamaran.Set sailforMoutohora Island areserve for wildlife alongthe Bay of Plenty coastline.If you’re lucky,you’llseesome of the rarenativewildlife on shore likeKakariki, Tuatara, fur seals, andpenguins.You can also go snorkelingaround the islandto catchan opportunity to see thebeautifulmarine life.Relaxon the island’s privatehot-water beachor relaxingon thesideboard of the boat.

The Dream Summer Festival

If youhaven’t hadat least one summerspentin the Bay Dreams festivalBay Dreams, are youreallyaKiwi?These guys know how theydeliver a spectacularshow. CardiB, the headliner oftheJanuary 2019 Bay Dreamsconcert, performedBodak Yellow hits and wowthecrowd.Sub Focus, Peking Duk, LAB and Katchafire were among theperformers scheduled to performduringthe New Year’scelebrationin 2021.Bay Dreams is Tauranga’s best summerspot. Itfeatures an amazinglineup ofglitter, denim and camping.

These Stores Have Local Stores

Shopping in Tauranga Tauranga shopping isaboutdiscovering hidden treasures atindependentstores.Ifyou have a keeneye forstyle and loveKiwi-made brands, you shouldvisitPaperPlane conceptstore.There, you’llfind a carefully curated selectionfashion, lifestyle and homewares.Our Place isan areawhere you can findan ever-changingcollection of pop-ups from local shops that rangefromart and fashiontojewelry.Our Place Centre is builtout ofshipping containers.The centre was createdtoprovide low-cost retail spacesfor localartisans and entrepreneurs.So you can besure to find one-of-a kindgems.

Picnic In Style On Mount Maunganui Beach

Youwanttoindulge inluxurious surroundings?Thebestwaytoenjoythe ultimate luxury is to enjoya bohemian-style picnicwith a view ofMauaomountainsandthe ocean.Ideal for a special event, birthday celebration or justan evening of fun, Bay Picnics willkit you outwith teepees,bigfluffy pillows,festivelights, cosythrowsandBluetooth speakers.The food is also coveredwithplatters that includelocal,fresh, and veganproducts.The picnic canbemaderomantic byincludingflowers.

Participatein the Markets

The weekend market in Tauranga isdistinctive.The Little Big Markets are openon Saturdays.There youwill find avarietyofartisans and delicious food.You will findall kinds of food itemsfrom French crepestorainbow shaved Icetolocalgoodies.Foodiesshouldn’tskipthe Dinner on the Domain. Thisweekly eventincludes the topfood trucksinthe city.Bubblewaffles, themost deliciousburgers, giant paellaand sweetdesserts.We’resalivating over the deliciousfood optionsat Hello Rosie, a connoisseurof veganjunk food.The Saturdayfarmersmarketis a stunning source offresh produce that willenhance any cheese board.

WalktoMoturiki Island

Yes it’s true, youcan walkto thisisland.Thesmall350-metrelong islandcan be foundcloseto Mount Maunganui beach. Awalkwaybridge connectsthe two.When you step onto the island,there is a blowhole whichshoots water outduringhigh tide.Take the walkuphill and you’ll be metwithsweepingviewsof the oceanandMauao and thecitycoastline.

Salt Water Hot Pools: Relax in the Salt Water

Ifunwinding and relaxation areyourlist of priorities, then a visitMount Hot Poolsshouldbe on youragenda.These pools are knownfor theirhealingeffects andmake you feel rejuvenated.You can alsobooka private pool fortherelaxing massage you’ve always wanted.

Visitthis Quaint Historic Village

It is possible tostep back in historybystrollingthroughthecobbled streets andthe historicvillage .It’ssimple to spend yourdayin this charmingvillage that is brimmingwith hiddencorners as well as quirky craftsmenandcutecafes.There are alsoplentyofart studios that are small enoughtovisit,includingTurner Gallery and Imprint Gallery, so the art aficionadowill be well looked after.

Sample The Scrumptious Local Eats

Let’s be real, we’reall about thefood.Tauranga’sdeliciouscocktails and bites will leaveyoubegging formore.

Ground Zero Coffeeought tobea regular stop on thecoffee loverslist.They’re Bay Of Plenty’s onlySpecialty Coffee Makery. Theyoffericed coffeeandflat whites.If you’reaftersomethingon the sweet side, you’d do welltoswingthroughYo and Co, a dessert bar specialisinginwaffles,savoury and sweetcrepesandalsoone of Tauranga and The Mount’stopIcecream shops.

Nourished Eatery isfor thosewhoare addicted tosweets.Thecafe that is based on plantsis all aboutfresh, local produce. Theyare proud to be100% vegan, withdairy-free and gluten-free choices.Youcanopt fortheWellness Bowl filled with herby browns,tomato sprouts, smoky tofu, and sproutscoconut tzatzikiforbreakfast.There are manysweet treatsthatThe Nourishing Bakeoffers, such asfreshly bakedDoublechocolate brownies, Nutellaandcustarddonuts.

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