Things to Look Out For in Professional Product Photography

Product photographyrequires considerable investment, which is one of the reasons why you need to choose a photographer carefully. Most businesses spend thousands of dollars to get images that fit their brand and impress their target audience. If you don’t have good-quality pictures, you may fall behind and experience low sales. Here’s a look at some things to watch out for when choosing a product photography service:

1. Lack of Communication

Two-way communication is an important aspect of any product photography project. Experts rely on the information provided by clients to come up with a good composition. Clients rely on details provided by photographers to make an informed decision. No one knows a company’s products and target audience better than the clients. Most business owners have little to no knowledge of professional photography.

As you can see, an exchange of information is essential for a successful result. If the photographers and clients communicate regularly, the result is often satisfactory. Poor communication means the client and photographer aren’t on the same page, which can lead to poor results.

2. No Distinctive Portfolio

Professional photographers maintain a portfolio on their websites or social media handles. This portfolio showcases their past work, style of photography, shooting skills, editing skills, and brand awareness. If the studio doesn’t have a comprehensive portfolio or a profile on platforms like Instagram, you may want to consider alternatives.

Ask the photographer whether they have any samples or case studies of their work. Ask them to provide links to past client websites or product pages on eCommerce platforms like Amazon. This will give you a clear idea of what to expect from their product photography services. Even new and inexperienced photographers will have some images on display to ensure clients have something to go on.

3. No Distinctive Brand Presence in Images

Experienced and skilled photographers know how to tell a story through their images. They can establish a firm brand presence in product photography, helping clients stand apart from competitors. Study the images carefully when you browse through the studio’s past work or get your first batch of photographs. If the pictures don’t have a strong brand presence, discuss the issue with your photographer or look for other alternatives.

Experts usually incorporate distinctive branding by using the most relevant colors, tweaking lighting, and adding a specific vibe. For example, a youthful brand with a young target audience needs lively and active product images. An experienced professional will take the time to study your company and products carefully before making a decision.

4. Unreasonable Pricing and Hidden Costs

Some studios charge more than others and it is the client’s responsibility to determine whether the expensive pricing is justified. For example, a reputable studio with ample space, the latest camera equipment, and a team of experts will charge more because they have more overhead costs. However, some will charge more simply because they have a celebrity or award-winning photographer. You need to browse through the portfolio, research the studio’s reputation, and compare costs to determine whether they’re a worthwhile investment.

It is also a good idea to look at hidden costs like models, props, insurance, etc, that aren’t directly mentioned in the quote. A good studio will have a transparent pricing policy, allowing clients to make informed decisions and prepare a good budget. Avoid establishments that don’t answer your questions about pricing clearly.

5. Lack of Insurance

Lack of insurance is an important factor to consider while hiring product photographyservices. You need to be even more careful if you have delicate or expensive products.A reputable studio will have comprehensive insurance coverage and will take all necessary precautions to ensure your products aren’t damaged while they’re in their care.

Experts still recommend taking out a separate, targeted insurance policy for expensive items because the studio’s insurance may not cover all of the costs. If your local studio doesn’t have insurance, explore other options instead. If distant studios prove to be too expensive, you can still book the local one but buy your own insurance policy.

6. Poor-Quality Images

The quality of images is the most important factor to consider while looking for product photographyservices. If the image is blurry, has errors, or looks too outdated, your target audience will quickly turn away and look for other alternatives. Make sure the images are sharp, purposeful, meaningful, and look current. Modern camera and display technologies are incredibly sophisticated. Cameras can take detailed, high-quality images that will look as good as new even a few decades down the line.

Modern displays are crystal clear, which means it is easier to spot any flaws in online images. Mobile phones provide a very immersive experience so if you intend to target a mobile audience, you need good-quality images. Consider the studio’s work carefully before hiring them.

7. No Editing or Polishing

While modern cameras are sophisticated, raw images still need a little refinement before they can be uploaded to product pages. Make sure your photographer has good editing skills and can refine the images. The editing process ensures the image looks sleek and flawless, even on the best displays.

Editing is often a part of product photographyservices. Studios will only give finished images to their clients. If the product pictures look unpolished, discuss the situation with your photographer or switch service providers immediately.

8. Lack of Resources

Make sure the studio has the resources to handle your project. For example, does the studio have enough space to store large products? Can they handle a big inventory? Do they have the right lenses and lighting for your product? Can they acquire a specific type of model for lifestyle photography shoots? Ask these questions to the studio during the consultation before hiring them.

The internet has made it easier for people to seek out information on different studios. You can read online reviews, get in touch with past clients, look at social media profiles, etc. This information can help you make an informed decision and choose the right product photography studio for your requirements.

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