Three Unknown Facts About Mold

It doesn’t matter whether it is summer or winter season, mold can grow anywhere and anytime. People usually think mold mostly grows in summers due to heat and moisture but that is not all true because mold can grow in winters as well due to certain activities taking place inside the home which can result in moisture indoors too.

Also, your house doesn’t have to be necessarily old for mold to make its way. It’s nothing but a myth that mold only grows in old homes. Mold can develop in new homes as well depending upon the moisture intensity and other environmental factors.

Whenever you see mold in your home immediately resort to its removal because if you end up ignoring it then it will most likely expand thereby, affecting the foundation of your home. Even some people choose to remove mold temporarily with the help of a damp cloth thinking it won’t appear again but that is absolutely untrue because mold will appear again that too exactly in the same place. If you want to get rid of mold permanently then the best way is to hire professional mold removal companies who have experience in mold removal. They will begin by inspecting your entire home looking for signs of mold or marking the spots where mold already exists and then resort to effective removal methods.

Below given are some common mold signs:

  • Common cold, nausea, headache: One of the most common sign of mold in your home is common cold, constant headache and nausea. Especially for people who are already suffering from respiratory diseases, presence of mold in your home can make it worse. So do not take these signs lightly at all; they might end up worsening your health if you do not take any step.
  • Uncommon smell: Another common sign of mold is uncommon smell. If you come across some kind of non-particular or unusual smell in your home then it is probably due to mold. Some people usually ignore any such smell and consider it to be insignificant. Little do they know that they are making the biggest mistake by doing so.
  • Peeling wallpaper: If you ever come across peeling wallpaper in your home then most probably it is a sign of mold in your home. Make sure to keep an eye on your walls and mark those areas which are damp or warped.

In addition to that, mold had various types. Some of these you might not be aware of as well. It might look very ordinary to you but it is very harmful for your home.

Below given are three unknown facts about mold:

Mold growth can happen on numerous surfaces:

  • Mold can grow on any surface such as the basement, washroom, behind the walls, etc. Basically the areas which are dark, damp and have a good source of moisture, mold has a definite chance of growing there.
  • Do not ever assume that mold won’t grow in your home because you cannot anticipate or stop it from developing. You just need to stay attentive and have a sharp eye to figure out the presence of mold in your home on time.

Mold has several types:

  • Mold has several types, sizes and shapes. Not all the kinds of mold are expected to cause severe health conditions but the overall presence of mold in your home is harmful.
  • Some common mold types are aspergillus, penicillium, stachybotrys, alternaria and cladosporium. Beyond these many other types of mold also exist that you may not be familiar with. That’s why it is recommended that whenever you find mold in your house, immediately call a mold removal company, instead of treating it all yourself.
  • These mold removal specialists have effective mold removal strategies that will definitely help you get rid of mold for good.

Bleach is not a mold removal solution:

  • Many people consider using bleach as a mold removal solution. But that is not an effective solution at all because the bleach cannot eliminate mold spores which eventually again becomes a pathway for growth of mold.
  • Infact removing mold with bleach allows mold to grow again even more fast. So the right way to get rid of mold is to hire a mold removal company and let them do their job. They will implement some effective strategies that will act as permanent mold treatment thereby, making your home clean and healthy again.

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