Tips and Techniques for Cleaning Your Windows

You can wash your windows by using a squeegee and microfiber cloth. Before you clean your windows, make sure you clean the bottom of the window frame, sill, and floor. It is also a good idea to use a cleaning solution that is non-abrasive. If you are worried about streaks, you can even use a razor blade to remove the paint that has splattered onto the window. Or you can hire Vinduespudser.

How to start cleaning windows?

You can use household ingredients like water and dish soap for a natural solution that will not leave a residue. Vinegar can also be used as a window cleaner. However, you should avoid using newspaper and paper towels to clean your windows, as they will only break down into lint. Instead, use a microfiber cloth to remove dust and dirt. Keeping these materials away from your windows will help you prevent the re-occurrence of streaks. Besides, you can choose Vinduespudser københavn to have the best services.

Screen eraser

After cleaning your windows, you should wipe the screens of the windows. To get rid of dust and pollen, use a window screen eraser pad from Target. Rub the screen with the wiper pad, and then repeat the process with the other windows. Remember to scrub in circular motions. After you have cleaned the windows, you can clean the sill using an anti-static cloth. After you have done this, use water to rinse your window.

Homemade cleaner

Another way to clean your windows is by making a homemade window cleaner from water and dish soap. You will be able to use this solution without the residue and the scent of vinegar. You can also use vinegar for the same purpose. Lastly, avoid using newspaper or paper towels to wipe the windows. These materials will break down into lint and will not clean the glass. Always use a microfiber cloth to remove any stubborn stains.


You can also clean your windows by scrubbing them with a wiper. You can use an eraser pad from Target. The eraser pad will help you scrub away grime, bird droppings, and other debris. You can also wipe the windows with a window screen eraser. You should do this in circular motions. Finish by scrubbing the windows using a towel and a cloth.


You can also clean your windows with a squeegee. Using a squeegee, hold the handle of the squeegee at a 30-degree angle. Then, use your squeegee to scrub the inside and outside of the windows. Ensure to wipe both inside and outside of the window. Once the cleaning process is complete, make sure to wipe the window sill thoroughly to remove any loose debris.

Final words

There are many ways to clean windows and one of the most common mistakes is using the wrong tools. Not only can the wrong tools scratch the glass, but the wrong cleaning method can cause permanent damage. Using newspapers or lint-based cloths is also a bad idea because they leave fibers and toxic ink on the window. You can use non-toxic cleaning solutions instead. These solutions will not damage the glass, but they will attract more dirt and debris. However, you can hire a cleaner to avoid any issue.

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