Tips for Outstanding Website Design

In ecommerce, website design is, as you might well expect, particularly important. A great website will not be the focus of your first customer contact. For that, you will need to direct traffic from elsewhere on the web with a winning marketing strategy, but it is certainly a factor that can make or break an ecommerce venture. For example, you might well find that your site traffic increases with no corresponding increase in your sales. If this is the specific position you find yourself in, then you can conclude that interest in your brand is being piqued and traffic is being driven to your site but that the site is letting you down. 

Azola Creative, a company offering website design services, say that while marketing may boost your brand identification and draw traffic to your ecommerce sites, what keeps those customers there is a website that is both attractive and wieldy. We can therefore say that these are the two most important things you need to get right. Otherwise, all it takes is a single click on that back button and the customer is gone – often with very little intention of returning. 

What Makes a Good Website?

So, what makes for a good website? The things which do so can be divided into a range of general tips (which apply in all cases) and much that is specific to your website itself. An especially important point is that the website design needs to be well-integrated with the marketing initiatives that draw people to it. So, your advertising might foster a strong identification with your brand, but if the website doesn’t reinforce this then it will create a jarring disjunction that is likely to scare potential customers off. 

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In other words, we are talking about false advertising (of a sort). If you share a viral video that is in some way related to your product, customers will get an idea of what they expect it to do for them. If they then come to your website, learn about the product, and realize it is something different entirely, then you are in trouble. 

Essential Tips for Website Design  

Much depends on your specific brand and products, but for a truly optimized website design, it might well be worth getting in the experts to consult on it with your brand in mind.

Nevertheless, there are a range of general tips that should be useful for anybody just getting started in ecommerce and looking for the optimal website:

Present the Most Important Information Properly 

When a visitor lands on your website, can they tell immediately what your company is offering? They do not even have to be able to verbalize this, but they should get a clear idea from introductory graphics, text, and videos, what it is that you are offering. 

Remove Distractions

This is an aesthetic consideration. How many clickable links are there on your homepage which do not lead to a purchase? It’s certainly useful to have things like FAQ pages or blogs, but these shouldn’t be a large clickable option next to the links which actually take the visitor to your products. 

Make It Wieldy 

In practice, this means having a proper page hierarchy on your site, with most popular and/or most important pages on your site being the first ones that people naturally click on. Less important information should be down the hierarchy, located in more obscure places and requiring more clicks. 

Ecommerce tales place on social media and on other large sites like Amazon and eBay. But it also takes place right on your website itself, and the goal should always be to drive traffic there.

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