Top 10 Best Detective Games For Android

If you ever wanted to be a detective when you were younger but it never happened for you, you don’t need to feel bad as you can still get the same tasks by playing detective games on your phone.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you the top 10 best detective¬†games for Android, and without wasting much of our time, let’s get right into it.

Enigma Express

Enigma Express is a great detective game in which you have to find clues and use them in solving a crime whilst on an adventure. In Enigma Express, you will get to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of different invaluable objects.

It is available for download on the Google Play Store and currently has over 500 thousand downloads.

Murder Mystery

Just like the name says, in this game, your detective skills will be put to test as you’ll be investigating multiple mysterious murders from London to other places. Murder Mystery has over 60 different criminal cases for you to investigate ranging from homicide to assassinations and many more.

It is available for download on the Google Play Store and has over 500K+ downloads.

Criminal Case

Criminal Case is a series of detective games developed by Pretty Simple and you can get to play different themes of the games on the Play Store. In the game, the major objective is to be a detective and investigate different criminal cases around the world.


Yesterday is another great adventure game available on Android that lets players get the feeling of being a detective. In Yesterday, you get to join Henry White and his friend Cooper (two out of three playable characters) as they investigate the murder of beggars in New York.

It is available for download on the Google Play Store but it is a paid app.

Who Is the Killer?

Who Is The Killer? is a series of four detective games based on different plots and stories but in all of them, you have to take up the role of a detective and help investigate different criminal cases.

The series of games are available for download on the Google Play Store all for free.

Ghost Case

Ghost Case is another great detective game you can play on your Android smartphone. In Ghost Case, you are to solve the mystery behind a horrible murder in Hidden Town 20 years ago in which the murderer was never apprehended. He has to find the murderer so that the souls of the victims can finally rest in peace.

VR Noir

VR Noir is a crime drama game that uses virtual reality and cinematic storytelling to give you immersive gameplay. In VR Noir, you play the character, Veronica Coltrane, who is a private detective that’s forced to take a job just for money.

Mystic Code – Choose your Path

Mystic Code is another great detective game for you to try out. It is based in a mystical world with Humans and Mythical Creatures living with each other as a community. However, you have to quickly solve the mystery of murder before an uproar happens.

Detective Story: Investigation

Just like the name says, this is another detective game and it has nice gameplay with a brilliant and intriguing story. The plot of the game takes place in Philadelphia as a detective agency’s office just received a mysterious package that would be the first step in saving someone whose life is on the line.

Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game

This is not like any other detective game on this list as it is based on a hit TV show that shares the same name. Criminal Minds comes with enough intensity and drama, similar to what the TV show offers to viewers. In this game, there are different cases, each one is based on an episode from the TV show. You’ll help characters from the TV show solve each case and bring the criminals before justice.

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