Top 3 Best Asus Servers For 2021 For Small Business

ASUS Servers have been a hit since their inception due to the ability and efficiency they provide for even the most basic demands to the most demanding server-based requirements.

It is one of the most sought-after rack servers in today’s period because of its high-end compatibility and flexibility, as well as significant customization capabilities and huge power!

As a result, in this piece, we’ll go through ASUS’ top 03 most recommended and efficient servers. But first, let us clarify:

What is Rack Server?

A rack server is distinguished by its rack-mounted design, which is intended to be installed in a rectangular server rack.

It is well-known for its enormous space-saving efficiency, gigantic scalability options, high flexibility, excellent air intake and penetration systems, and a simple way of regular maintenance and diagnostics.

These rack servers can be bundled with other rack servers and placed in a single server rack.

Do Small Businesses require Rack Servers?

Small businesses can take advantage of data center services without devoting the majority of their time to rack server administration since rack servers are best managed in data centers, where the racks are given special attention and upkeep. Small enterprises will become more concentrated on their principal line of business as a result of this.

Because data centers manage several rack servers under one roof, the cost of management for each rack server is reduced, resulting in significantly lower and more efficient data center server administration costs. This is a good fit for small enterprises’ budget limits.

So, if you’re a small business, having your rack server taken care of at a respected data center will save you a lot of time, increase the efficiency of your server, and provide you with a lot of cost-cutting choices.

Though it’s always important to get the correct data center in the best location so that connectivity troubles don’t get in the way.

Checkout the best server for small business in 2021

What are the Top 3 Best ASUS Servers for Small Business in 2021?

ASUS RS500 E8 RS8v2

The key feature of this ASUS server is that, although being a 1U server, it fully utilizes the Intel Socket E5-2600 V3/v4 processor platform.

Its 8 SAS/SATA/2.5 inches HDD bays provide unrivaled speed and power.

This server is extremely adaptable and compatible with a variety of OS drives as well as an M2 slot.

This server, as part of ASUS’s famed E8 generation, offers tremendous power and versatility to handle even the most demanding workloads.

It also does a good job with temperature control because of its excellent air penetration systems. Its power supply is also reliable, with a 1+1 Redundant 770W 80PLUS Gold Power Supply.


The VRS520 E8 RS8 is one of the most premium and high-end ASUS servers from the 8th generation, known for its incredibly powerful CPU capability.

It has a large memory capacity, storage capacity, and flexible expandability, as well as excellent durability and dependability, as well as remarkable performance and efficiency.

It has a lot of power, with 8 3.5-inch HDD bays and a dual-processor E5 – 2678 v3. It’s a 2U server with an Intel c612 PCH and 16 memory slots (four channels per CPU and eight DIMMs per CPU).

It uses a SAS controller and a SATA controller to meet even the most demanding storage requirements. It can also support MCB-10G-2S (Dual Port 10 Gigabit/s Ethernet card) because it has 3 + 1 expansion slots.

With 2 x Intel I210AT + 1 x Mgmt LAN, it has excellent networking capabilities. It also includes an Aspeed AST2400 graphics card with 32MB VRAM.

It also works with any OS, including Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, Citrix, CentOS, and VMware. It receives a 1 + 1 Redundant 770W 80PLUS Gold Power Supply as a premium line power supply.

ASUS RS520 E8 RS12

This server is packed with features, including a hot-swappable design that ensures high availability.

With an M.2 slot and hot-swappable 2.5-inch SSD bays, it will provide you with a flexible OS support disc type and positioning.

Excellent thermal solutions, PIKE II, and 12G SAS Integration are some of the top-of-the-line characteristics of these 8th generation 2U servers, which will virtually quadruple the speed and performance of your server to the next level. It also contributes significantly to providing outstanding support and storage services, thanks to the built-in RAID data protection.

It also has highly diverse expandability of 3+1 extension ports, allowing it to support a wide range of storage and networking applications while remaining flexible and compatible with future extensions.

It includes a built-in Q-code /port 80 LED display panel for easy and efficient monitoring of the entire boot process till the operating system is launched.

This server is well-known for its user-friendly architecture, which gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of operating system drive type and placement, with two M2 slots for each OS.

4 things to consider while purchasing a rack server for your Business.


Storage of important data is also an important feature of your server. Storage capabilities vary depending on the server and its supplier.

Within a server configured with a Redundant Array of Independent Disks, you should seek multiple storage alternatives (RAID).

However, it is largely dependent on the size of your company and the amount of storage you require.


Check to see if your server has enough RAM. Memory capacity will be critical in a virtual environment to enable effective memory and support for remote networks when needed.

Your server should ensure that all guest operating systems receive adequate support and memory without experiencing significant memory failure.


The operating system is another crucial component for your server since it will impact the overall performance and speed of your server.

Examine which operating system, such as Windows, RedHat, Ubuntu, Linux, and others, best suits your business’s needs and workload.

Look for servers that can run many operating systems at the same time.


The server you select should provide you with exceptionally high-end processing power and speed, ensuring that you get the best performance and uptime possible.

Look for processors with top-of-the-line chips and CPUs that can provide you with maximum speed and overall efficiency.


Because of its high-end performance, cost-effective price, and overall productive package, the ASUS brand has risen to prominence in the server sector.

Many businesses, large and small, are turning to ASUS brand servers because of the performance, flexibility, and long-term durability they provide.

In the preceding post, we’ve outlined the top three most powerful and efficient ASUS brand servers that may propel your company to new heights.

Get in touch with Serverstack to learn more about the extensive range of ASUS brand servers and their components, and we’ll deliver the most likely and seamless ASUS server solution to help you achieve your server goals.

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