Top 4 Materials to Choose for Front Doors

The front door of your house is the first spot that anyone sees when they come over. It is the first physical contact anyone forms with your home. The front door sets the tone and image of the rest of the property inside. So it must be appealing and attractive to everyone. Moreover, it must reflect the lifestyle of the homeowner. Thus, building a front door is an essential aspect of an apartment, house or building. They must be gracious yet tough and rigid. The surface material of doors is one of the challenging decisions you have to take once you start constructing your house or get it renovated. As the times are changing, the designs of modern homes are also changing, and peoples’ choice with front doors has evolved drastically. We have listed the top most popular and sustainable materials for front doors. If you are confused to decide, go through them and compare your needs with the features of each material to make a choice. Every material has a different appearance, durability and price.


Best Materials for Front Doors



The most common and evergreen material for the front door is wood. Known for its hard surface, elegant appeal, and versatility, wooden doors suit all houses irrespective of the area. They have a smooth finish with fine texture and come in various qualities ranges like oak, maple, mahogany, pine, walnut, cherry etc. Even the colour ranges of wooden doors are also immense.



Fibreglass doors are one of the finest choices for doors in today’s time. After steel, most people prefer having front doors made of this material. They have a rugged body and heavy surface. They are the easiest to maintain and require little care. They look like wood and often mistake fibreglass for oak and walnut wood through the appearance.

These doors are the best choice for harsh and humid climates.



You can never go wrong with a rugged steel door. It is an evergreen choice for modern houses that like the city vibe at the front of the house. Steel is best known for its endurance and hard surface, making it an ideal choice for security. Steel substances, unlike fibreglass, do not have any voids or require any insulation; that’s why they do not crack easily. Even if they get dents, they can be pulled out quickly through a repair kit. Among the many benefits of the steel front doors, the most appealing one is the cost of these doors. They start near the range of 150-200$, much cheaper than the wooden doors. The main drawback of steel doors is that they rust quickly and require constant painting. High-quality steel doors come with vinyl coating for weather resistance. The top premium versions have laminated or fibre wood covering.



Like steel doors, aluminium doors are on the expensive side and just like them; they have metal covered insulation core. The high price is due to the custom-built feature, most commonly seen in these doors. Aluminium doors can be constructed in a wide range of colours wood-grain finishes. These doors do not rust or corrode easily as they have a baked-on enamel finish. Due to this, they do not require constant paints and maintenance. They have hard built-up and are heavy compared to steel and wood doors. Aluminium is a fine choice for areas that are prone to heavy rainfalls.


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