Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Renovating Your Kitchen

A kitchen remodel is a challenging task as there are numerous elements to look into. You don’t just have to plan a good design but also look into its functionality as well. But, the journey need not be a stressful one. You do have kitchen remodeling experts at your service and enough information online to make your dream kitchen a reality without much of a hassle.

Even I have a few pointers to set you on your way. Ask yourself these questions and enjoy a successful kitchen upgrade in your life.

Q1. What is my motive?

Before you do anything else, you need to understand how you wish your kitchen to perform. You may not be a regular cook and just want to redo your kitchen to enhance the open floor layout. Or, you may have a large family and want to make your kitchen a get-together and entertainment spot. So, pin down how exactly you want to use this space now and in times to come. Know right from the beginning what you are aiming for.

Q2. How many people actually cook in my family?

The kitchen needs of a big family will always differ from those who live alone. A couple living with kids would want more storage space for snacks and also easy access to a microwave so that older children can heat/reheat their meals. On the other hand, a person living by himself or with just a spouse would be more than happy with a cook top and bar sink.

Q3. How long do I plan to live in this house?

This reality check can determine how much and on what aspects you can spend on. If you plan to move to a new place soon, then your kitchen renovation has to be done keeping in mind the needs of future prospective buyers. But, if you see yourself spending your retirement life in the same house, then the remodel has to be done with your specific and personalized choices.

Q4.  What are the must-have features?

When you have decided that the kitchen remodel will be solely for you and your family, it is then you need to define the theme of your kitchen and list down all the non-compromising elements. This is your chance to fulfill your wish list and bring in everything you hankered after since years. That can be big windows, custom kitchen cabinetry, antique kitchen island, or an extravagant wine cooler.

Q5. Where can I negotiate?

There are various parameters that you may not be ready to sacrifice on, but other things that you can happily adjust with if you cannot get. It can be either because they don’t fit in your space or budget. So, while you super excitedly plan for a full-size fridge, marble countertop, luxury appliances, and other items, be realistic with your approach and balance your aspirations. Don’t fall for things that don’t match your pocket.

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