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Top 7 Amazing features of a Private Jet that you can’t Ignore

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Gone were the days when you couldn’t ignore waiting in endless baggage queues and security checks for national and international traveling. And so, the advent of private jets has made our lives easier. While there’s a far-fetched misconception attached to it, which says private airlines are only for the elite classes. Surprisingly, anyone who wants to save up on time and effort can opt for it.

In this regard, a range of private airlines has been introduced regardless of where you must fly. For instance, you can visit https://empireaviation.com/charter-flights-from-saudi-arabia/ in case you’ve to fly to Saudi Arabia.

Besides the luxury that tags along, private jets have a range of impressive features which you might not know about. So, let’s discuss them below. 

Feature # 1- Entertainment Suites

When you need nothing to do on lengthy flights, you can opt for the extensive LED screen specifically provided by private aviation. With a built-in entertainment suite, you can enjoy wide-screen LEDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray players, and ambient lighting to create a mood on the flight. In addition, you can utilize the latest technology to screen documentaries or play video games until you reach your destination. It is certainly a great option if you’ve got kids onboard.

Feature # 2- Master Bedrooms

Beds aren’t new to those who often fly with first or business class, which is placed in almost every commercial airline. However, what if you get an entirely separate bedroom, and that too with utmost extravagance? Yes, you can expect to find the same suites that you demand at your favorite five-star hotel. It isn’t a standard feature but is often provided on customization since a majority of airlines offer the perk.

Feature # 3- Full-serviced Kitchen

Although passengers of a private jet need not worry about it. Yet, they can rest assured regarding behind the scenes. Almost every charter jet arrives with full-service kitchens properly stocked with fine foods and beverages. With such a space and a private chef onboard, you can get any meal separately prepared for you. Since kitchens in the private jet also get customised per the guest’s preferences, you can have onboard ovens, refrigerators, and espresso machines.

Feature # 4- Dining Halls

While the traditional airline isn’t familiar with comfort and separate dining spaces, with a private jet, you get the benefits of custom dining seating with luxury and comfortability. Whether you’re seeking a standard four-chair setup or a dining hall-sized table according to your guest’s list, you can pen down the specifications you require.

Feature # 5- Dedicated wellness area

If your lifestyle isn’t gracious enough to grant you a few minutes to work out, the solution has been picked up by private jets. And so, you can now exercise while traveling. While onboard fitness equipment trends, you can choose the one that suits your strengths and weaknesses. For instance, if you’re not up for cycling, you can ask for a personal trainer to design a short program for you, meanwhile dealing with the minimal tools possible.

Feature # 6- Smartphone-controlled Technology

Now you can control the lights and plane’s temperature by connecting it with your smartphone. It’s become a convenient and trendy addition for any private jet recently. While everything is being done per the client’s preferences, they left the lighting and temperature control to them. You’ll also get a Wi-Fi connection to run your official tasks. 

Feature # 7- Conference suites and meeting rooms

Private jets are a go-to solution for business persons whenever they’ve to reach somewhere instantly. While they don’t have to ask for it, modern charters are well-equipped with meeting suites. It’s an impressive feature that makes official meetings on the go with a suite designed with presentation areas and round tables for discussions. 

Furthermore, you’ll get all the facilities, including wide screens, a Wi-Fi system, and satellite phones. However, if you’ve got a need for something else, you can acknowledge the management beforehand, and they’ll make the preparations accordingly.

Final Verdict 

The list of the best features in a private jet is as extensive as the plane itself. However, we’ve got the best ones for you in the above guide. Whether you’re up to renting or seeking a private jet for sale, there’s no apparent drawback. Yet, the appreciation only appears to be rising. Since it comes with a hefty price tag, not everyone can afford to purchase it, but renting it out sounds like a win-win situation.


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