Top 7 Factors that Define the Scope of Web Development Company

Website development is usually a complex process which makes it difficult to understand the scope of a web development company. So, if you have been wondering whether you need an SEO agency in Mumbai, then here are some statistics for you. 

  • 38% of users will stop their interaction or engagement with a brand if their website design is unattractive. 48% of visitors think of the website design as the most vital factor in gauging the credibility of the business. 
  • 98% of users who have experienced a bad website experience will switch to your competitors. 

Now that you know why your business needs a web development company, let’s move on to its scope. 

  • Ideating: Ideating and freezing the website framework, architecture, and navigation after identifying the needs of the client. 
  • Coding: Deciding on a coding language to develop your app and site (, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, ASP, etc).
  • Programming: Coding and programming the website’s back end and then integrating various media elements such as audio, images, and videos. 
  • Designing: Designing the User Experience and User Interface at the front end. The web development company will then publish content and accordingly optimize it as per the best practices. 
  • Testing: Conducting beta testing (testing the app and website before it goes live) to identify problems and accordingly fix bugs. 
  • Going Live: Testing the speed and performance of the websites and implementing codes to make the app and website go live.
  • Maintaining the application and website: Updating and maintaining the website and fixing all technical issues regularly. 

A web development company will first set up meetings to understand the scope of your project and start working on the wireframes. They will mutually discuss the platforms, technologies, and techniques with your brand before starting with the website development. They will also create and share prototypes to give an idea of how your website or application will look. Next, they will design the look and feel (UI and UX) of the website and application. This includes creating graphics, icons, signage, buttons, color schemes, transitions, etc. A professional web development company will also ensure quality checks before your app or website goes live. 

What Does A Professional Web Development Company Do?

The primary function of a web development company is creating and maintaining applications and websites. Let us break it down further –

Website Development Services 

Unlike the past approach, websites now developed have a mobile-friendly approach. A web development company will deliver a custom-built website to you to meet the unique needs of your business. Here are some of the factors that shape your website development process –

  • Whether you have a B2B or B2C business
  • The domain or industry that your business operates within
  • Your short-term and long-term goals and objectives 
  • The audience demographics and geographies that you want to target
  • Your budget limitations for creating and maintaining the website

Mobile Application Development Services

Applications are usually created for mobile usage. Just like websites, most businesses are also launching their mobile applications to cater to the needs of their users better. The approach that a web development company will take to create your mobile application will depend on some factors including –

  • The platforms where you want to make your business mobile application available
  • The industry and type of business you belong to
  • Your budget for creating and maintaining the mobile application 
  • Purpose of the mobile application 
  • Demographics of your target group

Find the Best Web Development Company in Mumbai 

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