Top Advantages For Android Developers In 2020

Mobile phone apps pave the way for the latest technology and unmatched methodologies in businesses and the world of professionals every day. Apart from their certain professional uses, mobile phone apps have become a primary part of the everyday life of an average consumer. Whether they are games, business, or education apps or social media, they have become a vital part of everyday life and they keep getting better every day.

However, on top of those are android apps. Android mobile platform has long been the top application platform in the smartphone world. Which is why mobile app developers have become one of the most sought-out professionals in recent times? In light of recent events, when the entire professional world has suffered, android app developers have not been affected by it as much. Therefore, we compiled a list to understand the reason behind its success and benefits of being an android developer in 2020.

Big Market Share

According to an economic report presented by experts at the end of 2019, Android was the undisputed king of mobile phone platforms. While regional market shares may come into play, the global market was dominated by android OS. To be more precise, it occupied 85% of the territory when it comes to market share and mobile phones sold. App Development California suggested that android mobile apps were most downloaded in the first quarter with more than 80 billion apps downloaded with Google’s signature Play store.

Now, that is not just an indication of android having better apps, it is also an indication of android apps being utilized for business more compared to other platforms. That is why businesses are always finding experts to help them out with android app creation.

Open Sourcing

One of the top benefits of being an android developer is that one has a wide community that has a plethora of help to offer. Starting from tutorials to more intricate level subjects, you can find almost anything regarding android app development free of cost. Why that is important is because it helps ease the creation of many beginners and helps them elevate their skills to the next level.

Vast Amount Of Frameworks

Android apps are easy and quick to develop mainly because of the plethora of frameworks they offer. Android utilizes JavaScript as one of its primary languages in development. JS offers a vast library that features templates and frameworks of all kinds that help developers create applications without wasting any time. Moreover, beginners can find this amazing feature a big help in their journey towards becoming a professional.

Cost-Effectiveness & ROI

One of the main concerns of business owners around the world is to save as much money as they can. Android applications do not only do that, but it also offers an investment that doubles their money if used correctly. How so? Because android features such a large number of users, it provides a viable platform for businesses to tackle all kinds of market. Because of that, it directly affects investment and generates a higher level of ROI compared to other app platforms.

Highest Number Of Downloads

As mentioned earlier, android apps led the way in the number of downloads in the first quarter of the year. It is unlikely to change during the course of the rest of the year as the number of android users keeps on rising. That is why, even beginners in development can put their app on Play store and find that it has taken off, earning them a sweet amount because of the sheer force of numbers. All in all, android leads the way in numbers whether its users, apps or platforms and that is why it is a great time to be an android developer.

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