Top benefits of Casement windows

Are you thinking of enhancing how your home looks? If yes, replacing your windows is a great way to start, however, while replacing the windows it is important to keep various styles in your mind. The right style will not only look good but will also maximize performance and functionality.

Casements windows are quite popular these days, as they check all the boxes. They offer a wide range of benefits. Casement windows have a single sash and are hinged on the side; they have a feature of a hand crank that opens the window vertically on a metal track.

Due to the many advantages, they are one of the most popular windows. Here are a top few advantages that will make you choose casement windows over any other style.

  • Easy to operate: Casement windows are the easiest styles to operate. They have a feature of a hand crank that opens the window vertically on a metal track. The hand crank has a great advantage for windows that are hard to reach, such as windows above the sink, furniture, etc. With a hand crank, you do not have to push or pull the window to open or close. Most of the hand cranks are situated on the base of the windows, which makes the windows very easy to open and close, without any hassle.
  • Energy-efficient: Casement windows are one of the most energy-efficient windows. Although the fixed window panes come at first place in case of energy efficiency, the casement windows probably come at second. When the casement windows are closed, they are airtight and sealed properly and do not allow the air to pass. This makes sure that the warm or cool air present in your house do not go out, resulting in saving of energy, especially the power bills.
  • Wide space for ventilation: Most of the windows open halfway, either vertically or horizontally, however, it is not the case with casement windows. These windows open fully, which provides a quite big space for air to pass in and out. With the help of casement windows, you can easily enjoy the cool and fresh breeze inside your home on a cool summer night.
  • Very secure: The casement windows are one of the safest options to go with if you are looking out for security. They are safer than most of the window styles, this is because, in the case of casement windows, the locks are embedded into the frame itself, which makes it more or less impossible to break, providing enhanced safety and security. With the casement windows, you also have an option to choose how wide you want to open the window, so you do not have to leave your home vulnerable with big and wide openings.
  • Provides better views: Compared to other styles, casement windows provide better views as they feature fewer muntins. The lack of muntins provides a clearer and unhindered view of the outer landscape. The casement windows help in providing a seamless connection between the outdoors and indoors.

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