Top Considerations While Hiring a Band and DJ for your Next Event

Music selection: The first thing you should check while hiring a DJ for live performance is their songs list. You should know if they deliver the kind of songs that will appeal to you and your audience at your event. If that band and DJ offers a variety of different styles, it could be a good fit for you. 

If the performance of your band and DJ is good, then your audience will stay and enjoy your party for a long time. Be sure that the songs suit people of all ages. 

Gear, gear, gear: Great gear is the choice of many musicians but it is very expensive and requires a lot of up-to-date and experience to run it. A reasonably sized van for a band is usually required to carry a decent-sized show with proper PA and lighting (and a car to carry the rest of the people). Some bands/DJs try to get away with cheap or at least gear and seriously undercut the show as what it should be.  

Although it depends on the individual’s own preference, but sadly many band/DJ use very little effort and investment in their shows. Sometimes bands ask for a separate sound company, which results in increasing your expenses. On the other hand, some experienced bands have their own PA and soundman. 

Research: Before hiring any band/DJ, research on the net about it. You can also watch some of their videos and check their reviews to know about the quality of their work. This will give you an idea of how they engage with their audience, their sound system, performance, and sound selection. 

Setup time: Make sure the band/DJ has everything for their gear setup such as PA speakers, lights, power, drums. You should also do their sound checking. Keep in mind that the guitarist will need to do a quick tune-up and the band members may need to do some last-minute tasks such as getting their headphones on, etc. Because you would never want the band to check their noise, sound, etc. in the middle of your event.

Be supportive to the band: It is your responsibility to take care of the teams of your band/DJ and water comes first in these responsibilities so keep at least two water bottles for each artist. If any band/DJ has come from far away, ask them for the meal as well. All these things will make the musicians feel good and they will work with all their heart in your event. Contract: Create a contract and mention all the essential things according to the different situations. Sometimes people make mistakes and even refuse to accept them. In this case, your contract proves to be very beneficial to prevent any dispute. If you have a contract, you will have no confusion of date, setup time, cancellation agreement, agreed compensation, etc. Also, add the fixed payable amount of your DJ/band and get their sign to avoid any kind of dispute or confusion later.

choosing the ideal entertainment for varied events is challenging, and the sticking point is often the choice between a DJ or live band music. Which is better for your event? Read on for our rundown of the pros and cons of each, best practices for hiring, and questions to ask every music vendor. 

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