Top Emerging Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Newer trends, most of them, revolve around per se humanization concept. It means that the content and the way the content is shown, both should focus on individuals and not just search engines. Addressing real issues and tailoring content to make it personalized for individuals is the way forward. 

The second aspect that newer marketing trends are focused upon is the technical side of things. This is for content creators and not apparent to visitors for example SEO. This blog is about emerging trends in digital marketing that you can focus on to get ahead of the competition.

No Click Searches and Featured Snippets

The main goal of SEO has always been to rank in the top position on search engine result pages and it has always been the same for years. However, now the focus has shifted towards ranking on position zero. Position zero means featured snippets on Google searches. Featuring on these snippets is what marketers are prioritizing. 

Featured snippets are separated by a box and work a bit differently than normal search results. Moreover, it shows extra relevant information without being clicked by searchers. This is the reason these featured snippets are also called no-click searches. 

Another key thing to know about featured snippets is that it makes you some sort of a thought leader and also that these snippets are sometimes read aloud by Google assistant for voice searches. 


The time we are living in is vastly different from what previous generations experienced. Nowadays, people demand inclusivity. They want to be involved eagerly in everything they are connected to. This trend is evident in digital marketing as well. 

People want to see more optimistic values and depiction of sincerity and equality in the content that they consume. For example, nowadays, people are refusing to buy from stores that don’t represent gender equality or ethnic diversity. These two things have no direct relation but are interlinked indirectly.

People are more likely to follow personalities who advocate women empowerment, etc. This is exactly the same for marketing campaigns. If companies associate themselves with these initiatives for the greater good, people follow them more and are more comfortable in dealing with them.

This is why it is empirical for Digital marketers to make sure they are adding this aspect of inclusivity in their overall Digital Marketing Skills. This will allow them to connect more and the audience relates to these things. This enhancesthe positive sentiments of consumers which will lead to positive results.


This is as important for consumers these days as the trend of inclusivity. Consumers these days are passionate about the environment and they want to do something for the environment and they also want brands that they engage with, to do something for the environment too.

This environmentalism is growing day by day and digital marketers are focusing on highlighting this factor as well. The reason is that people like to associate with the brands that are advocation sustainability and are putting forward initiatives for the betterment of the environment.

All the brands should add the element of sustainability in their marketing campaigns. They can either do it by showing it on a banner somewhere visible on their site or they can frequently talk about it on social media. Take initiatives for the betterment of the environment and advocate it so that people get to know about it. 

Marketing agencies in this region, especially the Digital Marketing agencies in Dubai are focusing on this aspect and trying tofigure out ways of depicting these initiatives to make people relate with brands and the results are significant.

Ad-blocker blockers

Not all the newer digital marketing trends are about social issues of course. This one is a bit more technical. It is expected that by the end of 2021, 27% of people are using ad blockers and this can hider progress of your PPC campaigns.

Make sure to keep this problem in check and try to find out if it is a significant problem for you. You can analyze the data from analytics to figure out where you should focus on in terms of ads and you can control the damage significantly.

Video and Images SEO

Newer ways of searching on search engines are being introduced day by day. You can now submit photos and ask for their context, etc. and this is changing the overall SEO landscape of course. Digital Marketers are putting in the effort to make sure that their image and video SEO is top-notch in order to show up for these searches.

  • Some of the basic tips for visual SEO are:
  • Including alt text in your image description.
  • Create an image sitemap or add your images to the sitemap.
  • Include keywords in file names.
  • Use high-definition images and videos.

Now, tone key tip about visual SEO is to make sure that you are familiar with Google Lens. This will give you an edge over your competitors and make to take away traffic from your competitors.

This is it for today. Be sure to leave your valuable feedback in the comments section. If you want any assistance with Digital Marketing, we at Prism, the best Digital Marketing Company in Dubai are here to assist you. Thank you and Goodbye

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