Top Five Reasons to Design your Ecommerce Store on Shopify

There are many ecommerce platforms available for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Whether it’s at an initial stage or an established brand. One of the most popular and reliable ways to design your store online is shopify without any doubt. Flexible, easy to get started and the ability to scale your business, connecting hundreds and thousands merchants around the world with better online hosting and scalable business solutions.  

Easy to set up and use

Setting and learning a new platform has always been a problem but with Shopify, you don’t have to worry about the difficulties or the hurdles because of the proper guidelines and documentation for each and every process for future webdesigner in houston and worldwide. Moreover any beginner web designer in houston can set up their store online without running into any big issues.  The Shopify platform is very intuitive and easy to use. But in case, if there are any issues, you can reach their customer support anytime. 

No advanced expertise needed

Even if you are not tech-savvy, you don’t have to worry about the new things you have to learn because Shopify understands the new user experience. Anybody can build a store on Shopify in just a couple of minutes by drag and drop methodology. You can be confident that your store will be up in no time without any hardship or huge investments.

Mobile users are growing

According to the latest statistics, mobile e-commerce has increased to more than 70% globally, hence it shows the importance of building an online store that can be easily accessed on mobile phone platforms.  Shopify stores are not only accessible from mobile phones but also allows you to get millions of potential buyers and visitors for product conversions.

For potential buyers, the shopify stores are quite easy to understand and navigate through the smooth buying experience. Sellers can easily customize their Ecommerce store easily with different mobile responsive themes. Which will not only make your website presentable and appealing to mobile phone users but also provide the shopify consulting dashboard app experience that is very easy to use by sellers from anywhere and anytime around the world within a touch of a mobile application in their smartphones. 

Shopify has its own payment gateway

shopify consulting  is partnered with, to make it easy for all the sellers to accept credit cards as soon as they sign up. After opening an account, you can apply for the merchant program and have your store and payment gateway set up instantly without any crazy conditions or hidden charges. 

24/ 7 customer service

One of the best features about Shopify is the 24/7 customer service to solve all of your issues. They can be reached by phone, live chat or email at any time. You can also search through the shopify consulting  forums to find the answers quickly without having the need to talk to anyone.

So what are you waiting for? Start your shopify store today with an account at a very low cost, just within a few minutes and then customize your store with themes and start bringing in sales with Octal Digital.

Octal Digital is a leading and fastest Shopify web design company agency with an expert team of web designer in houston, seasoned in Shopify development, the company has been awarded and known as one of the most innovative Shopify web design company for all the web designer in houston services. 

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