Top Six Self-Defense Tips to Save Your Life

There are numerous attacks reported every day, yet we happen to assume it won’t happen to us. To your surprise, you can ever be immune to crime and criminals. You never know when you encounter some attacker while heading back home alone. And who do you think would be your savior in that case? No one but you! You have got to be defending yourself and do everything possible to save your life.

Here is a list of self-defense tips that can help and safeguard you –

  1. Take Busy Routes

Busy streets and areas might be annoying when you are running short of time, but with no passenger along, it is the best way to go. At least, you wouldn’t have to deal with attackers on a stranded road. With people around, an evil mind will think a hundred times to attack you. Also, you will have enough moral support in case you need someone’s help.

  • Be Confident

Your body language tells everything about you to attackers. They can read the nervousness and low confidence on your face and consider you a weak target to approach. So, always walk around with chin up and shoulders back. That will portray you as more aware of your surroundings and help your lungs receive more oxygen to remain calm.

  • Develop a Keen Eye

Your observation power can be your most powerful shield. By watching out for suspicious individuals, you are showing them that you are aware of their presence and not intimidated in any way. Hence, maintain strong body language and eye contact if you want to dodge them. Also, get over your fear of being attacked; it can reduce your potential to fight back.  

  • Raise an Alarm

Use your voice as an alarm to draw the attention of people for help. Shout as loudly as you can so that neighbors can get out addressing the situation. There are greater chances that the offender will run away and you will get the strength to escape. This technique works out in the majority of cases, so do keep it in mind.

  • Use Security Apps

When you are going out alone or returning late from work, it is best to inform your family members or friends and allow them to track your location in real-time and get a signal if you are in a distressing situation. There are abundant applications for this purpose – Family Locator by Life360 and Find My Device by Google being the most favorite of people.

  • Wear Your Body Armor

If you are under the impression that body armor can be used by people in the military and law enforcement only, that’s not true. Many states allow people to purchase personal body armor for themselves and their families for extra safety. Many states allow people to purchase personal body armor for themselves and their families for extra safety.

If you are fortunate to be a part of such a society, take advantage of it and invest in this protection measure. You can find various styles and shapes with ballistic armor the most in-demand.

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