Types of Offline Marketing Flyers&How to Track Them

Flyers are a common phrase in offline marketing. They are a low-cost marketing technique that you can utilize to promote your business. Flyers can significantly expand your market reach only if you know how to monitor and track them. Therefore, you must choose the proper flyer sizes and types to get the most out of our marketing campaign.

Types of offline marketing flyers

1. Handbills

Handbills contain minimal text and are printed on plain paper. They work best for widespread distribution; you can use them for any business. For instance, you can include handbills along with newspapers and periodicals. Discounts coupons or even upcoming events handbills are the best to advertise your new events.

2. Pamphlets 

Pamphlets are also referred to as leaflets. These are unfastened sheets that you can print on standard paper grade and can be used for bulk distribution. To gain excellent results, consult the MarTech Platform for flyer tracking services to improve your leads with your pamphlet campaign. Besides, these flyers are fantastic for raising your brand awareness. 

3. Posters 

A poster is another style of flyer with logotypes that includes pictures, infographics, and other content. The flyer sizes are typically more significant and are pasted on a wall. When you display these posters on any vertical surface, they will pass information and make it easy for others to get information about your brand. 

4. Marketing flyers

These are doorknob flyers and are an effective way to advertise goods or services because everyone sees them. You can print such a leaflet with a hole to put it onto door knobs at shopping centers, office buildings, and even houses. 

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How to track your flyers

Any marketing campaign must employ a flyer tracking technique. If you don’t track your flyers, your marketing efforts will fail. It is difficult to track your offline marketing campaigns. However, if you use specific techniques, it might be a pretty simple task. The methods listed below are excellent for monitoring your marketing flyers. 

  • Promo code

You can’t compete with the strength of a traditional discount code, especially in a retail environment. This is where you develop a unique code that won’t be used elsewhere. Create it and provide it to your clients as a benchmark for discounts.

Using the code, you can track the effectiveness of your campaigns. You will also be sure that everybody who uses it only saw it on your digital signage adverts. 

  • Custom landing pages

You can also develop unique landing pages to advance offline promotions. These customized pages concentrate on the specific population you target with your offline advertisements rather than relying on the already published information. 

  • Tracked phone lines

Tracked phone lines can be helpful to determine where your offline advertising efforts are producing results if you receive leads from phone call queries. Similar to monitored URLs, each advertising campaign will have a unique phone number assigned to it. When a prospective customer calls the number, you will then know how they learned about your brand.


Flyers are a cost-friendly way to market your business. However, tracking them makes them more effective and saves a lot on marketing resources. Call flyer tracking company to learn more todat1

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