Types of roadside towing

Towing refers to moving your vehicle from one location to another. Typically, this is only used when a car is not operating or parked in a no-parking zone. Vehicles may need towed in other situations, even when functioning correctly. A tow truck may transfer the car in its place if the driver is detained or the authorities say they can’t allow the driver to move the vehicle due to a violation of laws. Some people hire car towing services after buying a new car to drive it home and register it. The critical point is that towing services are employed when a driver is unable or unsuitable for moving a vehicle. A professional towing company will arrive on time and offer practical solutions are the main advantage of employing them. They take care of the current issue while also considering the overall well-being of the affected vehicle. They check your car for other potential issues after fixing the existing one. These professionals also advise maintaining your car’s engine so it lasts longer. People frequently worry when their engine quits, or their vehicle moves out of place.

Types of tow trucks

For their daily operations, towing businesses typically rely on a selected group of tow trucks and wreckers. Knowing the critical distinctions between the various tow truck kinds can help you choose the one that is best for your purpose. The four primary tow truck types used by towing businesses nowadays are listed below.

Flatbed Tow truck: Tow trucks with flatbeds or rollbacks have an empty bed with a flat top on the back that can transport automobiles on top of it. When a vehicle is ready to be picked up, the operator places their flatbed on the ground and drives the car on top of it. The driver will use chains and a winch to hoist the vehicle onto the truck if it is inoperable and unable to be driven. They are typically used to carry cars that have been in accidents or have broken down on the highway.

Integrated tow trucks: One of the primary categories of heavy-duty tow vehicles is integrated tow trucks. These trucks are experts in helping to retrieve and haul large, heavy vehicles like buses and rigs. These tow trucks are used frequently to move vehicles for repossession or illegal parking since they can quickly connect to cars. They include an additional axle because they are made to tow huge and heavy automobiles. Additionally, integrated tow trucks have their arms mounted in the truck’s core to give them more stability.

Hook trucks: Tow trucks with hooks and chains are used to move abandoned automobiles. These vehicles have a large hook and chain fastened to the back. Operators can attach the hook to a car that has to be towed and pull it behind the truck as it travels down the road. When a user fastens the hook and chain to a car, it raises one side, suspending it in the air while leaving the wheels on the other side on the ground. These kinds of tow trucks essentially drag the vehicle behind them as they transport it to its destination.

Wheel lift tow trucks: A wheel lift tow truck is an improved version of the hook and chain truck that raises a vehicle’s front or rear while leaving the wheels on the other side of the road. The car is then dragged behind the tow truck. These trucks are used to haul damaged cars for repair. These tow trucks don’t damage the vehicle much because they employ metal yokes rather than chains.

When should you call for the towing services?

There are many unfortunate events when you must call for an efficient car towing service. Some of the paramount circumstances when you should definitely hire service are:

  • The car not running is the most evident and frequent cause. Several of these issues are simple to fix if you want to purchase a roadside package with towing.
  • If your car is a recent acquisition, you might also wish to have it towed. Driving is only permitted after your vehicle has been insured and registered at the DMV in your area.
  • If you have encountered an accident. In such situations taking a risk to drive by yourself in the exact damaged vehicle is very risky. So prefer calling a car towing service at that time.
  • When any part of your vehicle is damaged or not working correctly, for example, if the battery is dead or the engine needs repair.
  • When you have a flat tire and can’t find a mechanic.


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