Umidigi Bison Review-$150 Rugged Smartphone

Umidigi Bison is the first rugged smartphone from Umidigi. And this is why it’s so exciting. Guys also because it has 6 Gigs of RAM 128 Gigs of storage, a full HD display the Helio P60 which is a pretty good chip. A 5000 milliamp-hour battery. All you can get by spending $150. So, yeah this is Umidigi is first rugged smartphone drop-proof & water-resistant all that stuff.

Latest Age of rugged Camera Phone Durability Score for IP68 & IP69K, MIL-STD-810G UMIDIGI BISON arrives with scores of IP68 and IP69K and is durable sufficient to withstand difficult environments. IP68 means that it is completely waterproof for up to 30 minutes in up to 1.5 meters deep, and safe from dust, dirt, and sand. IP69K allows the phone to withstand the thermal steam washing test, to withstand 100 bar (1450 psi) excessive water pressure and 80 ° C hot water temperature.

Unboxing & Build Quality:

Umidigi Bison indeed feels durable, have like hard rubber material. Umidigi Bison feels really nice in the hand not too thick or anything in the box, we have our user manual, charging brick and yes this is USB type C.Our fingerprint scanner is side-mounted. But, on the left side which is kind of odd. I’m used to it being on the right.

Bison, the phone banner, that’s pretty cool. Okay, so first impressions the display looks very nice, really like this design we got here.

So yeah, just the Helio P60 is a very fast phone and Umidigi is the best company that implements that chip so that means it’s better optimized, etc.

Okay, so we get a toolbox and in that toolbox, we have the same stuff like the Blackview BV9900, so we have the plump Bob, flashlight, pic hanging, noise test, etc. Lots of useful stuff over here. In the noise test, you would have found out how many decibels there are. So, as you can see, this phone just flies through everything we want.

The fingerprint sensor is extremely fast. But, the placement it’s very awkward. I mean, for the left-handed; I’m sure it’s going to be like a gift from heaven. On the other hand, at first right-handed people, it’s a bit difficult but it’s not the end of the world.

Now, the face unlock is extremely fast as the fingerprint unlock. So, the fingerprint unlock can be activities by mistake when it was in the pocket, which is a common problem with other rugged phones. So, hopefully, that’s not the case for Umidigi Bison.


let’s see how Windrider does. Alright, Windrider that is much better. As the game is running at 60 fps This game is running extremely smooth, with no lag, no stutter. 60 FPS game feels very smooth and very enjoyable.

So. Let’s try PUBG. Umidigi Bison gives the default lowest settings. But, You can increase framerate high graphics smooth.

Umidigi Bison PUBG is totally playable, not a single frame drop. This is of course on the lowest graphics, Bison one can handle medium graphics as well. Like semi medium graphics. Yeah, if this phone doesn’t Pro for PUBG.But, I think you can play PUBG with this phone perfectly.


Speakers over here in the back. The speaker gets very loud and made a tiny bit of distortion. But that’s considerable for the price viewpoint. you can barely tell it’s phone back. The quality is good. So, yeah I’m very happy.


  1. IP68, Licensed IP69K (Fully Water-proof)
  2. Score MIL-STD-810G (Drop-proof)
  3. Two Configurable Buttons
  4. Battery 5000mAh
  5. 18W Easy Charging Facility
  6. Gorilla Glass + The Mode of Gloves
  7. With a 48MP Sony Main Sensor,
  8. Quad Camera Setup
  9. Competitive pricing


  1. Weighs a bit more than 250g
  2. Using the older SoC of the Helio P60
  3. No Charging for Wireless


The Umidigi Bison camera is 48 megapixels. But, I suggest using it at 12 megapixels because 48 megapixels sometimes makes some issues. So, main cameras 12 megapixels up to 48-megapixel.

The front camera 24 megapixels is very nice. Both cameras are full HD front camera and back.

Umidigi Bison captures with full HD videos, but the video stabilization isn’t much good, a little bit shaky. The autofocus is quite good as like this price range SAMSUNG phone. The color quality of Umidigi Bison pictures and videos much good, by the price-performance ratio. You must remind in mind, it’s only a $150 best-rugged smartphone 2021. This is very exceptional Not gonna lie.


Umidigi Bison is pretty much it. So should you get this phone for 150 bucks? I mean yeah, you’re gonna love this rugged phone. Bison does everything well. The cameras are great for Bison and the speed is fantastic. Bison’s rugged phone runs very fast. We have a good display panel, good speakers in 150 bucks, this phone does it all. Anyone who picks this rugged phone up, they are going to enjoy it. Even, Umidigi Bison has a headphone jack. So I definitely think the phone is worth it. If anyone has any doubts, please leave questions in the comments. Love. Peace.

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