Unable to choose a flute to learn as a beginner?

Having thought of learning flute is exciting, but on the other side, it’s quite confusing that what type of flute to choose to start as a beginner. There are so many different types of flutes in different models and prices. Types of flute include concert flute, bass flute, alto flute, etc. This instrument is small and compact, and no doubt it is easy to learn as well, but it requires lots and lots of practice. If you are confused about the type of flute to start with, you can go through various sites, forums, online teachers, etc. It is necessary to look after the flute and take care of it if you wish that it works well for an extended period. Here are some tips based on which you can choose the type of flute:

  • Standard specifications: There is a vast stack of choices available on flutes for music lovers. It becomes difficult for the beginner to choose which type of flute he should buy. It is usually suggested to go for a silver-plated flute; for more, there are various sites to look at all kinds of flutes and purchase the one suitable. While purchasing, keep in mind all the traditional specifications that the flute is more comfortable to play and has a high resale
  • The brand is equally important: A good brand flute will hold its value compared to a non-branded one. Flutes usually don’t get obsolete in few months like machinery; they hold their value for long, so not to worry about resale value and depreciation in this case.
  • Potential of the player: It is an essential factor to keep in mind while purchasing a flute. As a beginner, one should go for basic flute and ameliorate your instrument as your capacity increases. One should only go for higher-level flute playing when he has expertise in the previous one.
  • Don’t go for cheap stuff: Few sites and shops offer flutes at low prices, and people purchase them without considering that flute is according to their capability or not? This is not logical if one is seriously interested to expertise in playing flutes. Sites offer reasonable prices for the branded flutes, so one should do proper research and then buy a suitable one.
  • Size matters too: Flutes generally don’t come in various sizes, but minor differences in size matter to a great extent. Curved headjoints are usually suggested for beginners though it costs high but not getting the one, in the beginning, can cost much more in the long run. For young players (age ranges between 5 to 7), affordable mini flutes like fife and apprentice flute are best suited.
  • One should be clear about different types of flutes: a beginner should have guidance about flutes as to which are for beginners, intermediates, and professionals. If one is not clear about the same, he must ask for advice from some professional player or a person dealing in flutes from long. For instance, curved headjoints are made to extend the player’s reach.

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