Use Instagram Like a Pro for Your Business

On Instagram, you can do much more than upload photos now. The social app now comes with many features that the other social networks do not offer. With the ease of access to boosting the app’s UI, it is a great place for businesses to thrive. Continue reading below to find out how you can use it to your advantage.

Upload Professional Photos

Instagram is primarily an app where people share their photos. Make sure, therefore, to upload photos that boast high quality. Your products should stand out in each and every photo! Note that you may need to edit photos before uploading them. Furthermore, make their grids as well. Grids on Instagram will give a daunting look to your profile. Note that you may require good internet like the Spectrum internet plans for online editing of pictures and videos (you can also upload videos on Instagram). Make sure to subscribe to a good ISP for seamless editing and uploading.

Make Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a feature that is quite popular among users. Anything you upload here will disappear after 24 hours. You can make short, interactive, and animated stories using in-built tools. This is an ideal way for small businesses to increase their outreach. Preferably, they should post something that’s related to their business yet contains a general public message as well.

You can upload videos and images here. You can also use tags and stickers etc. on them. Furthermore, you can ask a question or conduct a poll too.

Go Live

Another interesting feature is the live streaming video. You can have a live video info session with your followers. Later, when the session ends, the video will remain available for 24 hours. Anybody who wishes to view must see it during this duration. This is a very helpful feature and draws the attention of followers since they know they have only 24 hours to watch it! Epic, right?

Interact with Your Followers

Know that it is very important to interact and personalize with your users. There are many ways to do that. Simply like the comment of a follower. This will make them feel important. You can also double-tap a picture to like it. Moreover, sometimes, make sure to reply to your followers. Admire their comment or ask them a question, it’s all up to you. Furthermore, you can also mention your followers. If you feel like a post is of a more public nature, then you tag your members as well. Just tag people before sharing a post and add the people to wish to tag in the post! And finally, you can also send direct messages to your followers!

Make Hashtags a Habit

It is of pivotal importance to include hashtags in your posts. Doing so will provide your good visibility. Why? Because you will show up alongside individuals or organizations using the same tags. Furthermore, people searching for the tags you’re using will be directed to you. To get noticed, you can use a maximum of 30 hashtags in a single post or comment. However, it’s simply too much and you won’t require as many!

Advertise with a Purpose

Businesses can also advertise themselves on Instagram via three major formats. They are photo ads, video ads, and carousel ads. For the first two types a tag, “Sponsored”, will appear above the photo or video. For the carousel ad, there will be multiple photos instead of one. And that’s the only real difference truly. These ads appear in the home feeds of users. With them, you can get video views, traffic via clicks to your website, create awareness, and boost purchase activities.

Sell Via the Shop

Since November 2020, Instagram is also providing the option to purchase products directly from it. To allow users to do this, they have added the “Shop” tab. All the users have to do is go to a brand’s shop, select an item, and pay via their credit card (or other modes available).

For companies who are looking forward to up their game, social media networks are very important. For my company, I remember dialing the Spectrum phone number to get high bandwidth internet. Note that for effective digital marketing, your marketing activities should span the other social networks too. This is the primary reason I upgraded my internet.

So, develop a good strategy for Instagram and promote your business like a pro. Good luck!

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