Voice search based content writing services in Pakistan

Internet is already inflating with masses of data on millions of online websites. Complying with the pace of technological advancements, search engines like Google, Bing is also evolving. I’d like to mention that voice search is the new trend of 2021. By 2021, almost 70% of the searches will be voice based searches. 20% of mobile searches use voice search features. Currently, 55% of teens are already using voice search daily. Google claims 95% accuracy, whereas China’s iFlytek claims 98% accuracy for voice search technology. This indicates a dire need for voice search-based content writing services in Pakistan.

Voice search – A brief

Talking on the phone is ordinary but to fetch information from the internet makes talking a bit extra-ordinary. Moreover, voice search features have a memory of your queries, just like your browser’s history. For example, if you ask your voice bot ‘show me the Chinese food restaurants,” and then you say, “show me the restaurants around you.” It will show you results for Chinese food restaurants around you.

Not only mobile phones but other devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home are voice-enabled. According to a report, in 2018, every 1 in 4 American homes had a smart speaker. Too fast? Yeah!

This is the prime time for you to focus on voice search based content writing services.

Content writing services in Pakistan

Long gone are the days when you just needed to be creative to amuse your audience. Content is the backbone of this digital world, and companies like Navicosoft are adding to it.

With every new trend in the digital business world, the content writing industry evolves. With the rapidly growing voice search trend, you must learn to optimize your content for voice searches now. Whether you are looking for content writing services in Pakistan or writing yourself, you must know.

Keyword research The first and foremost step in Search Engine Optimization is keyword research. Here, it will be slightly different than the conventional keyword search. The difference is attributed to the natural contrast of tone when you write a query and ask questions verbally.

In short, you will be focusing more on search intent, long-tail keywords, and FAQs. FAQs help you understand the tone and style of voice search queries and help you with keywords. You may also utilize text-to-speech methods to optimize for voice search based content writing. 

  • Mobile-friendly content

Most of the voice search queries are from mobile phones. Therefore, with your website, your content must also be mobile-friendly. But how?

You can use tools to test your website and keep in mind that using white space, short paragraphs, points, subheadings, and concise content is the key. Further, avoid sluggish scripts or images at any cost.

Featured snippets

If your content writing services use featured snippets, it might help you rank among the top SERPs results. Here are some tips to help you with that.

  • More than 90% of the snippets come from above the fold page one of SERPs.
  • Use featured snippets prompting keywords such as best, top, definition, etc.
  • Conduct repeated research for most used keywords.
  • Focus on also searched questions.

Structured data

Using a structured data approach is a good practice in voice search-based content writing. Relevant content has always been the key. Using structured data markup might not help you directly, but it helps the web crawlers understand your content better, and it is easier to link. Moreover, it imparts an understandable structure to the website.

Using structured data on your website is not visible in your article. Instead, it is the micro-data used in your article, which is understandable by Google, which is good.

Sounds complicated? Well, hire Navicosoft for the best results because we serve you the quality!

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