Voice Search engine optimization | SEO trends of 2021

The year 2020 has struck everyone so hard. However, the pace of technological advancements in the digital world remains the same. There has always been something to look forward to, and the same is with the year 2021. One of the most awaited tech features to be on-trend in 2021 is voice search. Not that it hasn’t been introduced before, but it is appearing on the trending radar of 2021. About 30% of the search queries are expected to be voice searches by 2021. Such significant statistics require proper attention and investment in this feature. Surprisingly, India is already leading the race as 14% of companies are already investing in voice search engine optimization, followed by Spain, Germany, UK, Brazil.

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What is Voice search?

Voice search was a small concept, yet it has been a hot topic of discussion in the search industry. However, it is taking over the world with ever-growing technology such as smart speakers and voice assistants. Such rapid growth in this industry is attributed to the fact that each upcoming generation accepts voice searching eagerly.

Voice search is more like a dialogue system, a computer-setup that communicates with humans via various communication modes such as speech, text, and gestures. You can fetch any internet data via your smartphone or voice search enabled device by just speaking to it. You don’t have to look at the screen. The voice search allows devices to have automatic speech recognition (ASR) or text-to-speech feature, or both. Currently, in-use virtual assistants include Alexa for Amazon, Cortana by Microsoft, Bixby by Samsung, Apple’s Siri, and the Google Assistant. The conversational style of the system is the main reason behind its popularity.

This ever-increasing voice search popularity calls for voice search engine optimization!

Strategies to optimize the content for voice search

Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo use a specific algorithm to sort the information and provide the best relevant results. We have been discussing the perks and importance of search engine optimization for higher rankings on SERPs. This is the same with the voice search. Keeping up with the trend of voice searches may prove a bit difficult due to the query’s conversational tone. Text searchers mostly use targeted keywords and maybe long-tail. In contrast, speech searches are focused on 1-3 words and are conversational. For example, the text search would be, freshwater lakes in Pakistan and the speech search would be Hey Alexa, how many freshwater lakes are there in Pakistan?

Realizing this fact, here we have compiled a list of some handy strategies of voice search engine optimization. Digital marketing trends of 2021 are a must to be followed; otherwise, you may strand at the top of the funnel.

  1. Conversational Tone

As the speech queries are conversational, you must also generate your content compliant with the question’s conversational tone. Gone are the days when a formal, robotic writing style was appreciated. The world needs compassion, and so does your content!

Furthermore, search intent is essential in this regard. For this, you must focus on finding the type of keywords in searches, the conversational style, type of frequent questions, best-suited answer to the queries, and type of solutions that rank on top in voice search SERPs.

  • Long-tail keywords

Due to the conversational style, speech searches have long-tail keywords, and Google prefers explicit and complete content. Including all the relevant long-tail keywords is a good practice.

Keyword research is another of the expertise of the Navicosoft SEO team.

  • The loading time of the website 

Not only for voice search engine optimization, but the loading time of a website is vital for your overall SERPs ranking. Naviocosoft realizes the significance of loading time and provides you high-quality SEO services to improve your ranking.

It would help if you reduced your website’s loading time as much as possible because the website that takes time to load is quickly abandoned.

  • Restructuring the content

Producing unique and quality is essential, but the game has changed a bit, and you must restructure your content layout and make it more voice search-friendly. According to studies, Google loves precise answers to queries. The word limit for accurate answers ranges from 29 words to 41 words.

  • Voice search engine optimization for rich answers

Stats indicate that the top-ranking voice search results contain SERP features. These SERP features are a knowledge graph, knowledge box, knowledge panel, and a featured snippet. You must ensure that your content contains any of these features. Such type of content a rich answer. Rich answers will help you rank on position zero, making it the first choice for your reader.

Navicosoft promises to rank your website among the top SERPs results!

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