VPS in Romania: Perfect Alternative B/W Shared & Dedicated Servers



Many website owners who wish to grow their websites get gobbled between choosing one among shared server hosting and dedicated server web hosting. Both these web hosting solutions are highly popular in the industry and come with their own benefits as well as shortcomings. Also, they are quite extreme choices to make. 

So, to enable you to keep yourself on the safer side, we have discussed here VPS in Romania. Through this guide, you will apprehend how virtual private server hosting can be the best alternative to the other two prevalent web hosting solutions. Let’s begin with highlighting the functioning & significance of each of the leading web hosting solutions. 

Get the Full Knowledge of the Web Hosting Service

01. What is Shared Hosting

With shared server hosting, you share the web resources along with the web hosting space of the physical server among various users. 

It is the cheapest web hosting solution you can obtain for your website. Further, you also do not have to take any responsibility related to the administration and maintenance of your physical server. 

02. What is VPS Hosting

With the VPS in Romania, you share the physical server space among various users. However, your website gets the dedicated resources and independent hosting environment with the virtual private server. So, you only pay for what you use under the web hosting plan of a virtual private server. 

03. What is Dedicated Hosting

Under dedicated server hosting, you get the whole hosting space of a physical server. Further, it enables your website to gain the access to highly accessible dedicated resources. Moreover, you can utilize your web hosting platform just as you want. Although the dedicated server comes at a relatively higher cost than other web hosting solutions. 

Features that make VPS in Romania Hosting a Perfect Means of Shared and Dedicated Hosting

Features that make VPS in Romania Hosting a Perfect Means of Shared and Dedicated Hosting

Following are the features that come with VPS in Romania and make it the best pick among all the existing web hosting solutions – 

Unique IP address

With VPS Server Romania, your business website easily gets a unique IP address (dedicated IP address). This enables your website to create a distinct identity on the Internet.

High-level Data Security

The Romania VPS comes with a secure, autonomous, and isolated web hosting platform. This lets your business website obtain high-level data security. Moreover, you also get the privilege to customize your VPS Romania. So, you can append the needed security layers to assure full website security. 

Root Control Access

Under VPS hosting Romania, you can also get full root access control of your web hosting environment. This allows you to run, configure, administer, and maintain your web hosting platform by yourself without any restrictions. 

Better SEO Ranking

VPS in Romania enables the highest uptime, robust data security, and fastest speed performance for your business website. This lets your business website attain the top SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking on the search engines. 

What is the Best Industry level Tech Web Service Provider?

You must seek a dependable web host in order to make sure that you can utilize a virtual private server to the best of its capability. Serverwala is the web host you can easily rely on to get the best web hosting plan of a Romania VPS at the cheapest cost price for your business website. 

It is the top-leading as well as the most influential data center around the globe. Serverwala data center renders the support of top-tier equipment & enterprise-grade hardware backed by resilient as well as modern technologies. This enables its customers to optimize and boost the performance of the business websites throughout. Moreover, the data center is renowned for accommodating the demands & requirements of varied websites worldwide with cutting-edge hosting facilities. 

Get Endless Possibilities with Perfect Digital Connection by ServerWala’s VPS in Romania

Get Endless Possibilities with Perfect Digital Connection by ServerWala’s VPS in Romania

Mentioned following are the excellent hosting benefits that you receive with Serverwala’s cheap VPS in Romania – 

  • 24/7 Technical & customer support

Serverwala data center is invariably at the front to provide all sorts of technical and customer assistance to its customers. It possesses a team of skilled professionals & proficient specialists who make themselves available 24/7/365 to provide prompt as well as profitable solutions to all your queries & issues. 

  • 99.90% Uptime network assurance

With all the web hosting plans & packages of the VPS in Romania, your business website obtains the guarantee of 99.90% uptime from the data center. Further, Serverwala also assures the delivery of consistent & highest network connectivity along with the support of enterprise-grade hardware. 

  • High-level Data Security

At Serverwala data center, your business website receives the most progressive data protection through various data security features with VPS Server Romania such as malware scan & protection, free SSL certificate, data encryption, DDoS protection, etc backed by advanced technologies. 

  • Control Panel Options

You gain access to user-friendly as well as effective control panel options according to the Operating System you opt for with the best virtual private server hosting. This enables you to effortlessly host your website and administer your web hosting server without any hassle or expertise. 


Romania VPS Hosting provides a secure & autonomous web hosting environment to let you host your website safely & securely. The virtual private server web hosting further enables you to easily upgrade the web resources anytime on your web server based on your website’s growth. It also lets you obtain hyper-scale web hosting benefits as well as privileges to advance your web business. Thus, without a doubt, VPS hosting Romania is a perfect alternative to shared server web hosting & dedicated server web hosting. 

Furthermore, at the Serverwala data center, you get to pick between fully managed & unmanaged web hosting services with your VPS Romania. This helps you ensure the effective management & sound maintenance of your web hosting server. Browse the data center’s official website to acquire more details about the leading yet feasible hosting plans & packages of powerful virtual private servers.

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