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Court Marriage Procedure in Pakistan Between Relatives:  

Nazia Law firm in Lahore Pakistan is the best firm to conduct your court marriage procedure in Pakistan and answer any questions.  For Court Marriage in Pakistan, U need to Perform the Court Marriage Law in Pakistan with the Help of best court marriage Lawyer in Lahore.

Question Related to the Marry Girl:

Q: One of my friends wants to marry a girl. But the problem is that the boy’s mother has breast-fed her mother. Does Islam permit him to marry her daughter?

Answer Related to the Marriage Girl:

 A: Briefly, the Prophet (peace be upon him) has commanded that prohibition as established by nasab [heredity] is also equally established by rada at or fosterage [other conditions notwithstanding]. If therefore, it is proved and agreed that the lady [girl’s mother] is the foster sister of the boy, then the girl is like his niece and cannot follow court marriage procedure in Pakistan by a law firm in Lahore Pakistan

Court Marriage with Close Relative:

Court marriage procedure in Pakistan between close relatives: Q: My family has a history of albinism. The issue is that I want to marry my cousin, but my parents refuse because my children could be Albinos. So I consulted a doctor who suggested that we could do an ultrasound during pregnancy, and if the child shows signs of albinism, we can have an abortion. I have read about the prohibition of abortion on your website. But my case is a little different. The life of an Albino is really tough. I know it because my sister is also an Albino.

Answer Related to the Court Marriage with Close Relative:

 A: If you and your family are so sensitive about having an albino? Child, why should you insist on having a court marriage procedure in Pakistan through a law firm in Lahore Pakistan, with your cousin? However, if other compulsions make such an inter-family marriage unavoidable, then you will have to take the chance of albinism. Our observation ‘is that except for sensitivity of the skin and eyes to bright sunlight, there is no other associated limitation or mal-formation, and the person lives a normal life. Otherwise, Last, the possible danger of albinism makes no case for abortion.

Mistake Before Court Marriage:

Mistake before court marriage procedure in Pakistan: Q: I am a 26 years old Muslim woman. Years ago, I had pre-marital sex with someone I thought I was going to conduct a court marriage procedure in Pakistan through a law firm in Lahore Pakistan; Eventually, I did not marry him. I am with another man, but he is having a hard time dealing with my past. I am also not a virgin. We also had pre-marital sex. I know we are sinning, and it was stupid for me to even bring this matter up, but we are trying to make ourselves better Muslims. Should I never conduct court marriage procedure in Pakistan through a law firm in Lahore Pakistan, because of a mistake I made in the past though I repent now?

A: You said you made a mistake long ago. That confession and realization were good, but you are again with another man and repeated the same pre-marital sex. Is it how you are repenting? We also do not understand why this man, with whom you are staying now and wish to have a court marriage procedure in Pakistan through a law firm in Lahore Pakistan, objects to your past when he is also not a virgin. We appreciate your intention that you were trying to make yourself a better Muslim. The first condition for this is that you immediately stop this free sex business and that he agrees to marry you without question. Then you both make a solemn pledge before God Almighty that you will never think of extramarital sex or resort to any other forbidden mode of sex.  

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