Ways To Display Your Old Trophies

Every adult out there knows just how fast time flies by. One minute you’re playing sports as a younger person, and the next minute you have a family and are looking back on nothing but memories. Trophies and other awards from your youth are a great way to always remember those old glory days. 

Unfortunately, most people who have trophies end up losing them, or they end up breaking or just being pushed back so far that they’re never seen again. Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes, and it’s just a shame to dedicate a part of your life to earning those achievements only to abandon them entirely. There’s nothing wrong with reflecting on the past and looking at those trophies. What you need are some practical ways to display those old trophies.

Create Yourself a Game Room

Whether you call it a game room, a man cave, or any other name, creating a room in your home that’s dedicated to recreation and sport is ideal for many reasons. Yes, it’s an ideal place to display your trophies and other rewards. Either on the tops of dressers and desks, in display cases, etc., this is a fantastic way to really show them off. A lot of people out there were very accomplished athletes and sportspeople in their youth, and it’s a great idea to allow children to see these accomplishments so that it motivates them. 

There is no better place than in a game room that your children will frequent often. It’s a good conversation starter as well when they ask what the trophy is for, and you get to explain and tell them stories about your youth as an athlete.

The great thing about one of these sorts of rooms is that you don’t have to pay a fortune to have one built. You can set it up in the basement, an extra bedroom or even your garage. You don’t need a $10,000 pool table with fancy lighting. A sofa, TV and your trophies on display are more than enough to give it that game room aesthetic.

Consider Hanging More

Not every award you may have received arrived in the form of a little statue. A “trophy” can also be any sort of certificate or documentation. You can consider award plaques here and really make things look great in your home. This way, you don’t have to dedicate a room in your home to your trophies; you can just hang them up on the wall. 

These plaques can be engraved with information from your accomplishments, such as your sporting position, any sort of championships, etc. Or you can have these plaques custom-built to encase photos, ribbons and more. It’s really a great touch for the home, and it doesn’t contrast against any existing decor. These plaques look very natural when hanging up on the wall.

Also, keep in mind that this sort of award doesn’t even have to be for sports. Maybe you were the regional manager of the year, or top salesman, etc. You might have won an award for some play you once performed in. The sorts of accolades you could have earned are limitless, and there’s nothing wrong at all with showing them off in the form of a plaque and being proud.

Shelves Are a Great Idea

Another prominent way to display your trophies without having to create a dedicated room in the home is to just hang some shelves and prop your trophies and other awards upon them. You can find a lot of different shelving units for a great price, and instead of filling them up with books, you can line them with your trophies and show them off. This is also a great way to display them because they will be out of the way but still visible. You won’t have to worry about having to make room or having them knocked over, but you’ll still be able to see them displayed.

There are all sorts of ways to display your trophies. Just keep in mind that your accomplishments are something well worth putting on display.


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