What are house and land packages?


According to the property developer, the package of house and land is also called package deal. The property developer acquires the land after it is released by the government.

The developer will then build infrastructures such as roads, water and utilities. They would build houses and sell them as whole houses and land deals. Most families buy their homes this way because they find it the easiest and fastest way to buy a new home for their families.

Various house and land packages.

The following packages are two different types of house and land packages that offer different options.

1-Plan out of the package.  Vacant land requires new home construction with select builders and home designs. This package is sold before the home is built.  In this case, the new asset will be sold at a lower price. If the land is brought first, and before the new house is built, two separate contracts will be involved.

2-Turnkey package.  It is also called the key to a new house without doing anything. A property developer buys a property and then builds a fully renovated house before selling it. The turnkey package already has gates, flooring, landscape, kitchen, driveway, home decoration and more. This package will save you from searching for the best builder to build your home. With a turnkey package, the two contracts are bundled together. In this package, the property is ready to move in without the worry of building a home.

Benefits of House and Land Package

Opting to buy a house and land package has many advantages, especially for new homeowners, as it can come with some government incentives. House and land packages in Melbourne eastern suburbs include saving yourself a lot of time when you choose to move into a house that has expired.

1-Fixed price.  This is the most attractive advantage of buying a house and land package unless some additional options change. Additional inclusions may result in some changes based on additional costs.  The price will be clearly stated on each price. You will only have to pay stamp duty on the value of the land as the house has not yet been built.

2-Simple process.  Buying a house and land package is a simple process as the new house plan is already prepared. The developer will offer a package requiring you to select the package that best suits your needs.

3-Amazing design.  Home and land packages offer a few options for customizing your home. Developers offering house and land packages will select the best house design for each block. They will collect all the house designs and shortlist the people who can work on your land. These developers will let you choose what kind of designs you want to create for your family needs.

4-No maintenance.  Because the home and land package is new, they still have a warranty that will cover unexpected repair costs. Also, one of the best benefits a buyer can get from a new home is that it has very low maintenance costs and no major repair costs. Nowadays, new builders use higher quality materials and better construction techniques.  Ideally, new homes are better than existing homes, which require more maintenance that will cost more.


Buying the right property is as important as choosing the right home. Accordingly, house and land packages are becoming more popular as buyers will already know the combined cost of their house and land.  These packages will represent an excellent value for time and money.

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