what are the best all-season tires?

By fitting your car with all-season tires, you can drive smoothly all year round without having to change tires.  All-season tires indeed combine the technologies of a summer tire and those of a winter tire.  They, therefore, adapt to all road conditions.  Here is a selection of the best all-season tires in terms of performance and durability.

 In addition, all-season tires are an economical alternative to summer and winter tires.  You no longer need to go to the garage twice a year to change your tires.  You also save on the cost of new summer or winter tires.  However, not all models offered on the market are created equal.  An all-season tire must indeed be efficient, reliable, and wear-resistant to accompany you everywhere for years to come.

 1. Michelin Cross Climate + XL M + S

 If you’re having trouble figuring out which all-season tire to choose, you can take a look at this model from Michelin.  It is a tire that shows great performance in both wet and dry conditions.

 The same is also true for snowy ground because the model offers optimum grip thanks to the flexibility of the rubber mixture that constitutes it.  In addition, bad weather and weather conditions are no brakes for its efficiency, because it is M + S certified, and has been specially designed to be resistant and durable over time.

 Its mobility on snow makes this 4-season model an essential ally for driving safely on the road and for having a very stable ride.

 You will not need several sets of tires for the spare, as this product features a design that ensures optimal braking and good longevity.

 Use in summer: The rubber blocks, and the beveled blocks which are quite a rigid offer optimal grip and improved braking on dry ground.

 Use in winter: This model has great mobility on snow, thanks to its V-shaped sculpture and its 3D sipes which are very deep.

 Longevity: It has already been tested and certified M + S. With its sturdy tread, it is sure to last a long time.

 2. Nexen N’blue 4Season M + S

 Buying the best performing all-season tire at the cheapest price on the market is the dream of many automobile drivers.  This is not always obvious and it will be necessary to compare several models by means of price comparison before making a final decision.

 To help you a little more in your research, we offer you this high-performance 4-season tire from Nexen which offers remarkable quality both in its design and in its action on driving.

 Indeed, with its dimensions of 95 cm in length and 37 cm in width, it is suitable for all types of vehicles and blends perfectly with the dimensions of your car, whatever it’s brand.  In addition, with a weight of around 7.4 kg, it is quite light and can be changed easily in the event of a puncture.

 Being an M + S certified tire, it is suitable for use in all seasons of the year and offers exceptional grip performance in wet conditions.

 Quality: The good quality is at the rendezvous for this 4 seasons tire.  As the name suggests, it offers a stable and safe ride on all roads.

 Grip: On a snowy road, the tire adheres perfectly to the snow and shows no constraints that could affect its performance.

 The price: This model is one of the cheapest tires on the market.  To get it, there is no need to spend a huge amount of money.

 3. Nokian Weatherproof M + S

 The choice of which tires to fit on your vehicle is just as important as the choice of the car itself.  Therefore, take the time to compare the wheels that can accompany you throughout the year without breaking the bank.

 This radial model has a length of 11.37 cm, a width of 58.31 cm, and a height of 17.5 cm.  To increase the grip of this component on slippery roads, the manufacturer has created an anti-slip system with grooves that cover the entire tire.  So on the wet or snowy ground, you have no fear if you have these tires mounted on your car.

 As for the diameter of the compatible rim, it is 14 inches.  The section width is 17.5cm with a 65% aspect ratio for those who know this information matters.  With an average weight of 6.4 kg, this model also has a load index performance of 82 (475 kg).

 Stability: For users of other tire models, this one shows a great balance on different types of roads.

 Grooves: The notches left throughout the tire help increase grip, even in wet weather.

 Size: The diameter of the rim favors its versatility on several types of automobiles, of all generations and of all brands.

 4.Hankook kinergy 4S 2 H750

 Finding the best all-season tire for your cars comes down to finding a solution to go further, however long the journey may be.  This Hankook model stands out for its compatibility with passenger vehicles.  Indeed, it has a section width of 22.5 cm as well as an aspect ratio of 45%.  With a rim diameter of 17 inches, it can be mounted on several types of vehicles.

 To be the best performer throughout the year, the grooves on this model not only serve as an embellishment but also as a non-slip function on the roads.

 The load index is 94 (670 kg), therefore suitable for heavier cars that cover long distances.  As a bonus, the high-quality eraser of this model is also very popular with those who currently use it.

 Wet Performance: The increased silica content reduced aquaplaning and improved wet grip.

 The tread: The depth of the grooves and their inclined configuration make the expulsion of water outwards more efficient.

 Braking ratio: The braking performance that this model brings is important enough to prevent you from accidents. For more information, you can visit howfixcars.com.

 5. Continental AllSeasonContact XL FR M + S

 Before you find the best all-season tire on the market for your vehicle, you need to take note of your daily trips and the prevailing climate.

 At Continental, engineers have developed this All Season Contact model which benefits those who frequently use a wet road.  This XL model has a length of 50 cm, a width of 22.5 cm and a height of 50 cm.  To increase its braking and ground contact capacity, the depth and arrangement of the grooves have been revised.

 In order for it to be suitable for you in winter and summer, an increase in the presence of silica and resin has been made.  The rim width is 17 inches, for an aspect ratio of 50% and a load index performance of 98 (750 kg).

 Versatility: Between a track degraded by humidity and a dry track, the composition and configuration of the tire maintain its reliability.

 Open shoulders: The arrangement of the grooves and the geometry of the sidewalls promote rolling resistance on all types of terrain.

 Robustness: With an increase in the main components, this model is a durable and quality choice.

 6. Goodyear Vector 4Seasons G2 M + S

 To avoid having to change the tires every season of the year, the choice of all-season models is recommended if you want advice.  This Goodyear Vector G2 has all the characteristics of high-performance automotive equipment.  Because indeed, we can say that we are dealing here with the best brand of all-season tires.  To testify to its power, its speed performance index is H, indicating that the maximum speed is 210 km / h.

 Regarding the maximum load supported by the tire, the index shows the number 91, to say that it supports a maximum weight of 615 kg.  Size-wise, it’s 63.19cm in length and height, and 20.5cm wide for an aspect ratio of 55% to the width.

 For performance on the ground, the shoulders are improved thanks to grooves and provide better grip in rain and snow.  It is up to you to test it to find out how comfortable it is.

 Sound pressure: The features possessed by this Vector G2 model are complemented by a sound output of only 68 dB.

 Weight Supported: If you plan to move heavy objects from one location to another, the tire can support up to 615 kg of load in all.

 Longevity: Except for frequent accidents and other circumstances, this tire remains one of the most durable today.


 Before considering where to buy a new all-season tire, you need to know the various selection criteria that will guarantee you good value for money.  So, first and foremost, we have to ask ourselves how to recognize all-season tires.  In general, these products do not give off any particular signs to identify them, so while remaining vigilant, you should observe the following technique to avoid confusing them with winter tires and summer tires.

 In fact, the method consists in detecting a pictogram which is specific to the michelin all seson tire.  On the latter, check the inscription “all seasons” written according to the brand or the country of origin of the product.  Expect to read words like “All weather”, “All seasons” or even “4S” to mean 4 seasons.

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