What are the best LinkedIn sales tactics?

If you are a sales member looking to improve results and more commission, or even a marketing executive looking to feed more leads to your team – then Linkedin is a world of opportunity for B2B Lead Generation.

Consistency, connection, and conversation are three C’s of the best LinkedIn sales tactics that will help you to prospect, without going bananas into their DMs!

What is Consistency in sales? 

LinkedIn is an unsaturated platform full of financially literate people where your sales strategies are only workable if correctly applied.  

Here, you need to prospect ALL THE TIME, not only when you are free or you need it. Every hour counts, every day and every second. 

Apply a witchcraft approach to your target audience with a jaw-stirringly profile. Step out of the window and get your professional portrait done for the display, write a short and crispy summary about you, add portfolio, videos, presentations to showcase your skills and a little pinch of compelling headline would do wonders.

A little reminder: Your customers are not interested in your adjectives; they are more likely into what it is interesting about your services.

What is Connection in sales?

• Meet with new and old prospects, invite them to your profile and look at the “people who viewed” in your right side/sidebar. 

• Optimize your ability in their down-and-out situations. 

• Watch out for their new roles. 

• See who is interacting with you under your posts.

• What skill endorsements your prospect keeps.

• Investigate their competitors’ network.

• Look for the people who commented on their posts.

Is it stalking? No, it is more of social selling. If you are facing a tough time finding the right guy at a prospective company, then spy on their hiring posts. 

Go to the desired company’s profile, push the “jobs” button, click “create search alert” and enable the option so that LinkedIn can alert you every time they post a hiring news or job opening offer for the new position. 

What is Conversation in sales?

Now when you are done maintaining mutual connections, real-time activity updates, group discussions and all, what is next? Remember, you have reached there but the top-tier customer isn’t yours yet. 

All you need to do is to ask simply if they require any help. Present your POV under their queries or during a discussion. Participation and presence leave a great impression!

Since you have enough intent-data on the prospect, you know their goals and aspirations, it would be easier to identify their interests in the groups: this is the time you need to interact with them, provide solutions and showcase your knowledge for the product value. 

Let them reach out to you. Don’t straight land into their inboxes with “Hi” or bleak offers because any of your unbecoming steps will leave you in dust! 

Beyond Linkedin

We are very aware of the quality of leads which can be generated from linkedin but what is happening beyond the activities on the social channel is equally as important otherwise all of the hard work and application can be let down.

It is about the experience, communication tools, the presence and follow-up.

Your website – consider tracking the website visitors with a b2b Lead Generation tool. This can highlight the businesses from the prospecting on Linkedin showing more intent and qualification.

It is really important that you are using email marketing and providing content which is relevant for the consideration stage. Making the opportunity to see the value as visible and pure as possible to build the strongest relationship. 

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