What are the different uses of windows movie maker?

There has been a gradual transition in society with people exploring off-beat and alternate avenues for their career. An increasing number of people are choosing unconventional professions thus giving them the freedom to be more creatively inclined and follow their passion.

This shift in attitude has opened various opportunities for the prospective creators. One of the popular career options these days is making videos and movies including short films, documentaries, home videos, etc. An increasing number of people are making these videos for different online platforms and generating revenue from it.

With the help of windows movie maker you can also try your hand at making these videos. When it came out at first it only used to support few formats like DV AVI and WMV etc.

The creators of the software continue to update the software every year and now it supports more than 1000 formats from mp4, mkv, divx, WMV to Quicktime, FLV, etc.

This feature gives you creative freedom to make videos as you want without compromising on the quality. Windows movie maker can be easily downloaded from https://www.topwin-movie-maker.com/  with instructions for installation.

One of the excellent aspects about windows movie maker is its versatility and compatibility with all the major operating systems. This means you can find customized versions of the software for different OS that includes Windows 8 movie maker, Windows XP movie maker, Windows 10 movie maker, amongst others.

It even has a version suited for iOS and Mac which is available on their website. Windows movie maker is extremely safe and secure as it has been scanned by popular antivirus software tools like AVAST and AVG. 

Why you need windows movie maker? 

Windows movie maker makes it easy for you to organize and select the photos and videos you want to use in your next movie. All you have to do is tap and drop the clip. The software allows you to add as many effects and transitions as you need to make your vision come alive.

You can easily import the photos that are saved in the gallery and camera roll. You can turn your photo and videos into polished movies with the help of various transitions and effects available in the application but if you want add an effect of your choice or modify the existing ones than you can do it by applying the XML code.

You don’t need an additional software tool for basic audio editing as windows movie maker also provides this feature as well and you can apply effects like fade in and fade out. It can also adjust the sound of individual clips even after merging it to make it into one seamless video. 

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