What is Automated QA Testing?

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Automated QA Testing is the testing process, which involves the automation of test cases and predefined actions using an automated testing tool. The tool used for testing compares the actual test result with the expected result and generates the final test report. Although Automation Testing has many advantages, it requires more investment of money and resources. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the scope of automation, when to do automation, and the tool to be used. However, an automated QA testing is so advantageous that every organization is adapting it as part of quality assurance services. Read the article to know the different benefits that automation testing offers.

Benefits of Automation QA Testing in Quality Assurance Services

Let us have a look at some of the key advantages of Automated QA Testing:

Schedule Your Test Execution 24/7

There are many benefits of automated testing over manual testing, but the flexibility of executing from anywhere, anytime is one of the main benefits. The testers who perform manual testing must work unconventionally using a PC to test a web application. But it is a bit hard to carry your PC or laptop everywhere. If you have been working for the entire day and are exhausted, and someone asks you to perform testing late at night, it would be quite unpleasant for you. Here, automation testing is the best option as you are flexible in executing your test case at any time, day, or night. You can analyze the results by reports created based on the test suite execution.

Saves Effort in Regression Testing

Manual testing takes a long time, as the same steps need to be performed manually after each fix in production. The testers must re-execute the same set of test cases to ensure that the defect has been fixed. That makes regression testing a challenging and time-consuming part of software testing. Repeating the same steps, again and again, reduces the tester’s efficiency on one side and consumes a lot of time on the other. In addition to consuming time, below are the issues that occur because of manual regression testing:

It gets difficult for the testers to perform regression testing repetitively with the same zeal and thoroughness.

The repeat regression testing adds a bottleneck to the release cycle, thus makes it inflexible.

Hence automation is the best way to perform regression testing. The automated test suite can be executed for as long as possible and does not need manual intervention, except for the initial effort to create the automated test cases. It saves a lot of time in the long run. It allows testers to execute the automated test script during off-hours, and they can utilize the time in doing other productive work.

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Vastly Increases Your Test Coverage

Automated QA Testing increases the test coverage vastly. It increases the scope of tests so that in-depth testing can be performed. It enables testers to execute the lengthy tests too unhesitant, which usually remain unattended during manual testing. Automated test scripts can be executed at different machines having different configurations. All in all, automated testing is the best way to manage complex and lengthy test cases with every run, which is nearly impossible with manual testing.


Automated QA Testing is cost effective as the cost of manually testing the application increases eventually with time. As a result, automated testing proves to be a cheaper way of testing in the long run. Once the automation script gets created, it can get executed many times without spending more. It implies that Automated QA Testing may seem expensive at the initial stage but is quite effective in the long run. The return on investment depends upon the size of automated testing and the level of adoption of automation. More the number of automated test cases, high is the return on investment.

Instant Feedback

Automated testing provides immediate feedback. It leads to fast execution that generates instant reports. Therefore, quick action can be taken in case of any failure. Immediate feedback is of the utmost importance when the application is already launched in the market. Test automation helps in identifying the bugs fast and fixing them quickly. It also allows making updates to the application fast. Thus, automated QA Testing offers a better end-user experience, more customer satisfaction, and high responsiveness.


To conclude, Automated QA Testing is unavoidable if you want to streamline with the latest testing methods. Many automation tools are available that make automated testing more efficient. You can get the quality assurance services offered by Cuelogic Technologies to fulfil all your automated testing needs.

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