What is click to call and what are its top 5 benefits?

Click to call is one of the most popular cloud communication technologies. It is a real-time-based calling widget that companies can easily configure on a website/ mobile app. It enables prospective clients/ customers to contact a business effortlessly by simply clicking/ tapping on the widget. By submitting the contact number, the sales & support team is immediately notified, and they call back the customers promptly. The Click to Call service enables customers to contact a business quickly and effortlessly. The company gets a good business opportunity to grab to convert the lead into a customer immediately.

The solution has several advantages, and they prove to be highly useful for business organisations. Let’s discuss the top 5 benefits of the click to call services and how they benefit a business.

  1. Easy Set-up & Activation: Any organisation can get the technology without incurring expenses on an elaborate infrastructure irrespective of scale. It is a plug-and-play solution integrated into the API of the hosting company. A business can install the calling widget in a few minutes, and it is ready to use on the website and mobile apps.
  1. Better CX: Better Customer experience goes a long way in building a loyal customer base. The Click-to-call solution provides an enhanced customer experience with different small elements such as personalised regional language greetings and customised hold music. With optimised routing, callers get faster connectivity. All these make a powerful positive impact on the customer’s mindset, and they appreciate the company’s efforts to offer them a better experience.
  1. Call Tracking & Monitoring: The click-to-call solution enables the business to track and monitor all the calls/conversations between the customers and the agents. The calls can be tracked, recorded, and monitored in real-time, which proves to be highly advantageous for the organisation. These call records serve the purpose of quality testing by measuring the agents’ performance. The company gets an insight into the agents’ communication skills.

 The company can make corrections promptly by providing the requisite training sessions and improving their skill sets and performance. In addition to this, the call logs are used effectively for Data Analysis. A company can understand its customers’ pain points and the issues the majority of its customers are struggling with. Further, they can take the necessary actions to streamline their production/ services and provide goods and services that match the customer’s expectations.

  1. Call Routing: One of the most significant advantages of the click-to-call service apart from instant connectivity of the prospective clients/ customers with the business is optimised call routing. Every caller wants faster connectivity with a business. They don’t like to wait for long before they get connected with a company. The call routing feature automatically connects the callers’ calls to the next available agents, ensuring quick connectivity. Callers need not get frustrated with waiting in a queue; that’s often nerve-wracking, especially if it’s an emergency call.

So, the features also help provide customers with an enhanced experience that ensures that their queries are answered promptly. Moreover, it also helps improve the efficiency of the agents as they utilise their time productively by attending more calls.

  1. IVR Menu Integration: Last but not least, the IVR menus integration with the click-to-call solution is a dual benefit that an organisation gets. Not only do the customers get connected with a business with great ease with a single click/ tap of a button, but further, an organised communication system in the form of an IVR awaits them. A company can answer the customer’s query with the IVR’s multi-level menus that provide the callers with different options. Among them, they select the option that identifies their issues and get quick answers to their queries.

The Final Word:

The technology is beneficial for businesses as it establishes a quick connection between them and their existing/ prospective customers. So, an organisation struggling with creating seamless connectivity with their customers should get this cloud technology to streamline their client communication process.

How to get the Click to call service?

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