What is DAM? And How it Drives Engaging Omnichannel Experience

DAM gives businesses a centralized platform to store, version, deploy digital assets and create an  engaging product experience across channels. Deploy DAM correctly, and your customers will enjoy a consistent, engaging experience at every touchpoint.

DAM or digital asset management is a one-stop-shop software solution enabling businesses to store, edit, retrieve and deploy digital assets across channels. Brands can use DAM to store product images, brand photos, videos and other assets providing on-demand access to teams across departments. It plays a vital role in automating the process of replacing outdated digital assets with the most recent ones. It also saves teams the trouble of manually uploading, editing and downloading digital files, allowing them to directly deploy performing assets to drive customer engagement and sales.

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Omnichannel Engagement: How DAM Helps You Ace It!

Did you know that investing in omnichannel customer engagement initiatives enjoys a customer retention rate of 89% (Invesp)? This strongly reflects the need for a consistent, personalized, value-added experience across channels. An omnichannel experience with these virtues ensures that customers remember their interaction with your brand across multiple touchpoints. Visibility across channels is something that customers appreciate, and omnichannel engagement strategies help businesses achieve this.

With DAM software, companies can ensure that customers have omnichannel experiences that are consistent, relevant and valuable. These are some of the most relevant advantages of leveraging DAM for omnichannel excellence:

  • Centralized storage: With multiple departments and teams working on different aspects of your products, it is easy for digital assets to fall through the cracks. DAM software integrates with your PIM to ensure that all digital assets relevant to a particular product are stored in a centralized location. With advanced search functions, it ensures that teams don’t spend more time than they should, looking for these assets.
  • Version control: DAM software ensures that any change made to product-related assets (images, videos, documents etc.) cascade across all linked digital channels to maintain a high level of real-time consistency.
  • Real-time conversion: DAM helps businesses convert and resize digital assets automatically, and in bulk, to fit diverse channel-specific requirements. This ensures that digital assets can be easily shared across channels, all at once, without the need for manual efforts for conversion.
  • Customer’s PoV: Once linked with products, attributes or categories, these assets can be previewed by teams to determine if they are in keeping with both, channel standards, as well as customer expectations.

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Amaze PXM’s ‘Dazzle’ gives businesses the ultimate digital asset management (DAM) solution for omnichannel excellence. The module easily integrates with various channels and allows teams to access, edit and deploy digital assets from a centralized location. As a one-stop-shop solution, the software is capable of automated bulk conversion and updates, governance-driven version control and real-time updates to ensure that customers always get the best, most updated version of digital assets linked to your products, irrespective of the channel.

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Developed by Blue Meteor, Amaze PXM is industry’s first intelligence powered native cloud software that gives businesses end-to-end control of their product data, catalog creation, experience design, digital asset management and data syndication. Amaze PXM is a culmination of Blue Meteor’s two decades of experience in the product content industry gained by working with world’s leading Fortune 500 companies to create best-in-class product content and customer experiences.  With 3 global offices in US, UK and India, Blue Meteor’s mission is to enable merchants and brands to sell more by delivering best-in-class online Product Experience.

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